$2.5 Billion: What Will Be Spent in this Election Year

The Center for Responsive Politics has issued a report which says that $2.5 billion will be spent—mostly by Jewish Supremacists in “Wall Street”—in an effort to influence elections in America this year.

According to an article on CNN, “Wall Street set to break spending records this election” and is “on track to spend more on this election than it ever has during a campaign season.

“With two months to go before Nov. 6, Wall Street firms have so far spent $164 million on campaigns and donations to political groups designed to influence the elections.

“That puts the industry on pace to surpass the spending record of $170 million that it set during the 2008 race.

“Securities and investment firms are one of the biggest powerhouses aiming to influence the elections, according the Center. Individuals from Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Blackstone Group have contributed millions of dollars directly to campaigns and through political groups.”

According to the report, the “biggest difference between this election and the race in 2008 is that Wall Street is now betting bigger on Republicans.

“During the last cycle, 57% of individuals from Wall Street gave to Democrats and President Obama. But this year, 60% of Wall Street’s contributions went to Republicans.”

Included in that $164 million is some $50 million which has flowed from the hands of several high-profile hedge fund managers to so-called super PACs, secretive groups that can raise unlimited amounts of cash.

Donors who have contributed at least a million dollars to super PACs include the Jewish Supremacist John Paulson of Paulson & Co. (by short-selling subprime mortgages in 2007); the Jewish Supremacist Robert Mercer of Renaissance Technologies Corp. (founded by the Jewish Supremacist James Simons), the Gentile Julian Robertson of Tiger Management and the Jewish Supremacist Paul Singer of Elliott Management.

“But, Wall Street hasn’t entirely forgotten Obama,” the article continued.

“Wall Street donors have so far contributed $4.1 million to his efforts to stay in the White House.”

Despite the machinations of Wall Street and the exploits of the Ziobankers being the single greatest cause of the economic downturn, both presidential campaigns have been mostly silent about Wall Street.