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The Tide Turns: Majority of US Citizens Think America Gives Too Much to Israel

The tide is slowly turning against the power of Jewish Supremacism in America: a new authoritative survey carried out by the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRMEP) in Washington D.C., has found that six out of ten Americans now believe that the US gives too much aid to Israel.

The survey—which has become public after IRMEP issued a lawsuit against the Department of Defense for illegally withholding a closely held government report about how American branches of Israeli “charitable and educational institutes” fund secret nuclear weapons research and development programs in Israel—is titled “American Public Opinion on U.S. Aid to Israel—Who wants to pay for nuclear-armed Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge?

The report said that “through 2014 the United States has provided Israel with at least $115 billion in economic and military aid ($239 billion, adjusted for inflation) and that American financial, diplomatic, military and intelligence support for Israel is not only massive and unconditional, it has accelerated since the early 1970s.”

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The reason for the increase in aid to Israel is explained by the report in this way:

However 1970 was also a turning point for U.S. Department of Justice enforcement of the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The Justice Department abandoned all serious attempts at enforcing FARA on Israel-linked entities after losing large battles with charities lobbying for aid, including the Zionist Organization of America, the Jewish Agency’s American Section (which now receives U.S. taxpayer funding) and the American Zionist Council (which transformed into the American Israel Public Affairs Committee six weeks after a 1962 FARA order).

The report goes on to point out the pernicious role of these heavily-financed Jewish lobbies in determining American policy:

Academic critics of this unconditional support such as professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer doubt Israel is a “strategic asset” worthy of such “great benefactor” (U.S.) largesse. They argue convincingly that Israel-oriented ideologues backed by wealthy affinity groups were a deciding factor in driving the United States into the expensive and unnecessary Iraq war.

Many continue to lobby for even more U.S.-led military conflicts in the region including attacks on Iran—all in the interest of Israel.

The report goes on to detail the complete subservience of Congress to the Jewish Lobby, recounting the “unwavering support” given to Israel during its recent genocidal military campaign against the Palestinians, which resulted in the deaths of over 2,000 mostly civilian Palestinians and leaving Gaza in ruins with tens of thousands homeless.

Significantly, the House and Senate votes rated no mention in The New York Times, The Washington Post or The Wall St. Journal, the IRMEP report noted, before pointing out that :

Though many politicians claim this support is merely a reflection of the American people’s own “unwavering” support for Israel, that assertion has not been substantiated.

The report pointed out that previous surveys on the issue of aid to Israel had always omitted to tell the respondents exactly how much aid was provided to that country.

When this figure was included—as it was in the new survey—the respondents showed a marked shift in attitude, as detailed in the table below: The major response, that aid to Israel is “Much too much” is 33.9 percent of Americans.

Some 26.8 percent believe it is “too much” while 25.9 percent believe it is “about right.” Only 13.4 percent of Americans believe U.S. aid to Israel is not enough.

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The political implications of this finding are “stark,” according to the report.

Elected officials passing ever larger aid packages and supplemental spending for Israel simply cannot claim they are representing the majority interests of their constituents.  American presidents who proclaim that the U.S.-Israel bond is “unbreakable” cannot claim such a bond is willingly underwritten by U.S. taxpayers.

Furthermore, the report said

[T]he finding also shines yet more light on Israel lobby organizations as the major factor coming between most constituents and their representatives and quietly working to ensure that Israel’s majority share of the U.S. foreign aid budget continues.

The survey also finds that, in particular, younger US citizens are strongly opposed to the amount of US aid that goes to Israel, and, crucially, finds that “Only the Wealthiest Americans believe U.S. aid is ‘about right’”:

The only category of Americans (47.6 percent) who believed U.S. aid for Israel is “about right” is the segment earning $150,000 or more (although even 42.9 percent in that category thought aid was too high).  The next lower income category, $100,000-149,000 is the most vehemently opposed to aid, with 79.5 percent believing it is too high (42.9 percent responding “much too much” and 36.6 percent “too much.”)

The findings are consistent with the findings of the recent study out of Cornell and Northwestern universities, the largest study of its kind to date, which looked at nearly 1,800 individual US policy issues and found that the average US citizen has zero impact on those policies, while the wealthiest citizens essentially get exactly what they want, meaning they dictate US policy (and they largely comprise the US government).

The report also contained this telling commentary:

This survey simply singles out one of the policy issues, which together illustrate that the USA is not a democracy, but a society in which people are allowed to choose which of two corporate-backed figureheads they want as the face of an oligarchy that dictates government policy in its own interest.

It is also worth noting here that 1) the top ten recipients of US aid (with Israel as #1) all, like the US itself, have torture regimes, 2) US law “prohibit[s] U.S. foreign aid to nuclear weapons states such as Israel that are not signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty”, and 3) Obama, while repeatedly insisting the US is a “nation of laws”, requested more military aid for Israel than any president ever (among many other blatantly illegal acts).