The Good and Bad of the “800 Pound Gorilla Article”

us-army-syriafeatured The following article, titled “No More War for Israel? The People Against the 800 Pound Gorilla” by Jean Bricmont and Diana Johnstone is currently being circulated by some anti-Zionist websites and sources. It is an excellent article—but has some important caveats, as Dr. David Duke points out in his pre-and post-commentary. Of particular importance to […]

Israel: The Missing Link in the Syrian Puzzle

syria-war560 By Adrian Salbuchi. As the world holds its breath, wondering when the US and its allies will attack Syria, Western governments and its well-oiled mainstream media seem to be ignoring a key player that has kept strangely quiet during this crisis: Israel. Today, US power rests heavily on its terrifying military, its industrial-financial complex, and […]

Jewish Lobby’s War Incitment Faces First and Historic Defeat as AIPAC Admits “Challenges”

no-war-in-syriafeat The Jewish Lobby in Washington D.C. may be facing it’s a first and historic defeat in its attempts to push America into yet another war on behalf of Israel, a number of news reports have indicated. The Times of Israel has reported that the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) has found it “challenging” to […]

New Syria “CW Initiative”: But What About Israel’s Stockpile?

IBRfeat A new “initiative” to make Syria hand over its chemical weapons is currently being flouted by the Obama regime as a way of avoiding a potentially embarrassing defeat in a Congressional vote on the matter—but it ignores the reality that Israel has the largest stockpile of chemical and other weapons of mass destruction in the […]

Report: Saudis Sent Death-Row Inmates to Fight Syria

foreign-fighters-in-syria Saudi Arabia has sent death-row inmates from several nations to fight against the Syrian government in exchange for commuting their sentences, according to a report in USA Today. Citing what it calls a “top secret memo” in April from the Ministry of Interior, the report quoted an Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) article which said […]

Despite Horror Video, White House Admits It Still Has no Proof of Guilt over Chemical Attack

inspectors-collecting-samples-featured Hot on the heels of the release of a series of videos purporting to show victims of a chemical weapons attack in Syria, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough has openly admitted that there is no “irrefutable, beyond-a-reasonable-doubt evidence” which shows that the Syrian government was responsible for the incident. According to a report in […]

British MP Claims Israel Gave Chemical Weapons to Syrian Terrorists

israel_mossad_false_flag_terrorismfet A British lawmaker says he believes the Israeli regime was the main culprit behind killing hundreds of civilians in Syria, because it provided terrorist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda with chemical weapons they used against civilians, according to a new report by Press TV. “If there’s been any use of nerve gas, it’s the rebels that […]

AIPAC Plans “All-Out” Push for Syria Vote as 250 Activists Descend on Capitol Hill

AIPAC-kiss The Jewish Supremacist “American Israel Political Action Committee” (AIPAC) has launched an all-out push to persuade US Congressman to vote in favor of war against Syria, as part of the decision by the Jewish lobby to openly align themselves with the pro-war faction. According to a new article in the Jewish Forward news source, AIPAC […]

Increasingly Desperate Jewish Lobby Openly Plays “Support Israel” Card against Syria

aipac_rules_america1 As opinion polls show that an overwhelming majority of Americans are opposed to attacking Syria, an increasingly desperate Zionist Supremacist-run Obama administration has resorted to the one trick it hopes will persuade Congress: openly admitting that an attack on Syria will be in Israel’s interests. The tactic to openly link Israel’s interests to an attack […]

As Senate Panel Endorses New War for Israel, Kerry/Kohn’s Syrian Allies Openly Attack Christians

Maaloulafeatured At the same time that the Jewish Lobby AIPAC-controlled US Senate panel voted in favor of extending America’s war effort on behalf of Israel, the “rebels” they are going to support have just opened a renewed offensive against Christians in Syria. If any proof was wanted as to who controls America, ask yourself this question: […]

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