Some unemployed have turned to eating the squirrels in the parks

By Jeff Davis. Considering the recent downgrading of America’s credit rating, the 635 point drop in the DOW on Monday (and a 2,000 point drop in the stock market since April), this would probably be the right time for an article on hobos eating squirrels and ducks in the park.

This is one of those quiet little stories most people would miss, but which lets us know just how bad things are getting in Obama’s America.

The Brooklyn Paper reports: “Cops have busted a group of oddball poachers in Prospect Park — a band of vagrants that was trapping and eating ducks, squirrels and pigeons.”

Okay, the obvious question is: what happened to all the missions and soup kitchens in New York that normally would feed all these derelicts? Somehow or other the system must have broken down to force these people to go to the effort of hunting and trapping their own food.

The Brooklyn Paper goes on: “Parks officers wrote four tickets — two for killing wildlife and two for illegal fishing — totaling $2,100 in fines during a two-day period last week. The city would not immediately release details of the incidents, which occurred on July 17 and 18 — just days after park-goers told rangers about a “Beverly Hillbillies”-like scene on the southeast side of the lake, near the ice skating rink. The disheveled — and possibly homeless — tribe in question uses “makeshift” fishing poles and traps to catch the critters, then grills them over the fire, according to park watchdogs. ‘One woman uses a net to bag the ducks,’ said wildlife advocate Johanna Clearfield.”

The tickets for poaching can also be used to help start fires to cook the ducks. If you’re really lucky, they’ll put you in jail for a few days and feed you real meals (in other words fines, tickets and jail aren’t going to put off these hobos).

These people have just appeared. Obviously they had food sources elsewhere, but for some reason those have failed. Maybe a few of them had white collar jobs that were outsourced to India.

The article continues “…It’s not the first time that poachers have been busted. Last year, park-goers confronted a man after spotting him catching fish and secreting them into a bag — a violation of the city’s catch-and-release rules. After being confronted, the man dumped the dead fish back into the lake.

Winos and drug addicts aren’t going to suddenly start hunting and trapping their own food just to try and get back to nature. The state and city of New York are bankrupt and living off borrowed money, like almost all the blue states and Democrat-controlled cities. Something new must have happened to create these Daniel Boone types.

My guess is that the support system for the poor in New York City is breaking down to the point where some people are literally going hungry. While it’s true that 46 million people in the US are now on Food Stamps, some people are shut out. An article from the Atlanta Post reports “(It) Looks like for now, Michigan’s struggling college students can say ‘bye-bye; to collecting food stamps. After a review of the food stamp program, The Detroit News reports that the state has decided to remove about 30,000 college students, which saves about $75 million a year. So what should those students do now?”

So, the food stamp program isn’t covering everyone, who actually needs food. Why am I not surprised. I’m guessing the duck-hunting hobos will be getting some company.

This is a bad sign, people, a very bad sign. When more and more of these people are unable to find anything to eat, they’re going to start moving into the more affluent areas like hordes of starving coyotes being driven down from the mountains. Once the park animals are gone, the cats and dogs in the suburbs are next, and who knows where it goes from there.

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