“Any [Non-Jewish] Nationalistic Sentiment is Not Good”—Chabad Leader in Russia

The organized Jewish Chabad community in Russia always opposes any sort of nationalist tendency among Russians—but fanatically supports Jewish nationalism in Israel. At the same time, the Russian president Vladimir Putin has aligned himself with the violently anti-Gentile Chabad movement only to deflect Jewish criticism of his expulsion of political rival and oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky.


These two interesting facts are contained in a new lengthy article published by the Israeli online newspaper, the Times of Israel. Written by that paper’s founding editor, David Horovitz (a previous editor of the Jerusalem Post) and titled “Back in the USSR?”, the article means to provide an overview of the situation of Jewry in present-day Russia, but inadvertently reveals typical Jewish Supremacist hypocrisy  and some other facts and Putin’s relationship with the Jewish community.

The hypocrisy is revealed when Horovitz starts discussing what seems to be the first thing Jews always worry about—what they see as non-Jews who don’t like what they do. While interviewing one of Russia’s two chief rabbis, the Chabad movement’s Berel Lazar (born in Milan, Italy, ordained in New York and now chief rabbi in Russia—internationalism if ever there was an example), Horovitz asks Lazar if there are any signs that Putin might actually be a Russian nationalist in disguise.

Quoting Lazar, Horovitz says that the chief rabbi is “wary about patriotism metamorphosing into a dangerous nationalistic drive.

“Asked where Putin is taking Russia, he [Lazar] replies: ‘He’s a strong Russian patriot. Without him, geopolitically, I don’t know where Russia would be. Before he came around, Russia was battered. Russian Jews were ashamed to say they were Russian. Today there’s a new pride. I’m not saying it’s all good. He’s very popular. He broadcasts this message: Don’t tangle with Russia. What we in the Jewish community care for is that it not turn into a nationalistic feeling.

“There’s a small divide between patriotism and nationalistic sentiment. You have to be very careful everywhere, especially in Russia. No, any nationalistic sentiment is not good.”

Chabad, however, is a movement which has self-described itself as Zionist—in other words Jewish nationalist. In 2011, Lazar attended an Israeli Knesset function to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the Russian Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), held in Israel to specifically held to “honor Chabad for its decades-long outreach to Jews in the former soviet union.”

At the time, a spokesman for the Chabad-Lubavitch worldwide Chassidic movement told the Israel National News that the “sect is Zionist in its support for Israel.

“Rabbi Menachem Brod of Kfar Chabad told Arutz Sheva said that ‘If the definition of ‘Zionism’ is defined as detachment from Jewish roots and becoming a nation like any other, we oppose that – and so did all the great Torah leaders. But if Zionism is about loving the land, about national security, settling the land, then Chabad definitely supports those important activities,’ he declared.”

In other words, the Chabad movement “opposes detachment for Jewish roots and becoming a nation like any other”—the classic definition of nationalism.

Yet, at the very same time, they do everything in their power in Russia to ensure that the Russian Goyim are not allowed to be nationalistic. . .

The Times of Israel article also goes on to reveal an interesting piece of information about Putin’s ongoing relationship with the Chabad sect.

Horovitz also interviewed Michael Chlenov, the secretary-general of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress in Moscow, who gave him the background to Putin’s fight with the Jewish oligrach and media magnate Vladimir Gusinsky:

“’Putin chose to look to Chabad as the Jewish leadership of Russia, not because he knew about them, but because they helped him in 2000,’ when he was establishing himself as Yeltsin’s successor, Chlenov begins.

“‘Putin was struggling and fighting against [a political rival, the Jewish leader and media magnate Vladimir] Gusinsky. Chabad came to him. They said, Here’s our rabbi and he can be your rabbi. Lazar was elected as Russia’s second chief rabbi, and the first chief rabbi [Adolf Shayevich, who was closely linked to Gusinsky] was forgotten. It’s a strategic alliance — political and economic. The Kremlin has encouraged Jewish businessmen in Russia’s provinces to give funds to Chabad.’

“How did Chabad help Putin exactly? Gusinsky, who headed the Russian Jewish Congress, was arrested and charged with various offenses in the course of 2000, including theft and embezzlement from state-owned companies, ‘and he intended to go to the US and to Israel and denounce Putin as an anti-Semitic president of Russia,’ says Chlenov.

“‘At the same time, Putin goes to the hyped opening of the Chabad synagogue’ — Lazar’s Community Center in September 2000. ‘He made a long speech about the role of Jews and their contribution to mankind. He recalled that he’d lived in a flat in Leningrad with six other families, including Jews, and remembered their Hanukkah lights.’

“Gusinsky was in jail in Spain at the time, fighting extradition to Russia to face the embezzlement charges, which he insisted were politically motivated. He won that battle, but was later stripped of his Russian citizenship. Numerous Jewish leaders had denounced what they called the harassment of Gusinky, expressing concerns that it heralded wider pressure on Russia’s Jews.

“That changed, says Chlenov, when Putin allied himself so prominently with Chabad. ‘Chabad helped Putin because now world Jewry stopped accusing him of crushing Gusinsky’s Russian Jewish Congress. World Jewish hostility disappeared, and that really mattered.’”

Of course, “world Jewish hostility” to Putin in Russia has not disappeared because Russia has stood in the way of some of the strategic Jewish and Zionist interests in the Mideast.

Putin, by ardently supporting the Assad government, almost single- handedly stopped a Zio mass invasion of Syria, as occurred in Iraq. The Zionists of course see Syria as an ardent enemy of Israel. He has had the Russian envoy on the UN Security Council veto and/or make known that Russia would veto resolutions which the Zionists want the Council to take.

Although Putin plays politics with Jewish extremist organizations such as Chabad (which is viciously racist against Russians and all Gentiles), the worldwide Jewish agenda in the media still demonizes him and Russia at almost every opportunity. They also still promote Jewish oligarch criminals such as Gusinsky, Khordokofsky, Abromovich, and the late Berezovsky as “wronged innocents.”

* Who exactly are the Chabads with who Putin is so friendly?

Here are a few extacts from Dr. David Duke’s “Jewish Supremacism” book which deal with this topic:

The New Republic in a May 4, 1992 article revealed the hateful anti-Gentile nature of Chabad Lubavitch.

“…there are some powerful ironies in Chabad’s new messianic universalism, in its mission to the gentiles; and surely the most unpleasant of them concerns Chabad’s otherwise undisguised and even racial contempt for the goyim.

“…Moreover, this characterization of gentiles as being inherently evil, as being spiritually as well as biologically inferior to Jews, has not in any way been revised in later Chabad writing. “

Only a few courageous Jews have fought against the Jewish supremacism and anti-Gentile racial hatred of Chabad Lubavitch. One is Dr. Michael Samuel, a former professor of Judaic studies. Here is an excerpt of a letter he sent about Government funding of a Chabad center in Montreal, Canada:

“My name is Michael Samuel. I am a former professor in the Judaic studies department of Concordia University, Montreal, and I have a question for you:

What would you do if a racist cult tried to build its headquarters in your neighborhood? What if the cult targeted specifically young people, teaching them that all Christians and Muslims are:

1. evil, satanic creatures from birth (making all Gentile babies “little demons”)

2. no better than worms

3. not really living beings at all, but already “dead”

4. all to be forcibly converted or subjugated by the “Messiah”

5. and that it is their sacred duty to hasten the arrival of this “Messiah” in order to accomplish the forcible conversion or subjugation of non-Jews as soon as possible.

These are just some of the racist teachings of the fanatical messianic cult named “Chabad Lubavitch.” This cult, masquerading as “authentic Judaism,” has been promised nearly one million dollars in funding by the government of Premier Lucien Bouchard of Quebec in order to build its new religious and “outreach” (missionary) complex in Cote St. Luc, Montreal.

Why should you care? Because Chabad Lubavitch is not just our problem, it may be yours as well. It is an extremely powerful, worldwide organization. Its power has until now intimidated the media, who are afraid to expose the evidence of racism produced here to the public, lest they be accused of anti-Semitism. We desperately need your help in breaking this media blackout . . .”