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Hear Dr. David Duke on Jewish Hate Speech towards Gentiles

Now on the Rense Radio network archives: Hear Dr. David Duke’s radio show beginning with an update of the Donald Sterling controversy and how the media manipulates and controls us.

He shows how the media literally enforces the punishment of thought crimes and “hateful speech and even thought” while at the same time totally covering up massive Jewish hate speech toward Gentiles, and hate speech toward European Americans.

He quotes a Israel Times article showing how Jews around the world oppose “nationalism” in the nations in which they dwell, but support the most radical ultra-nationalism of Jewish supremacy and racism of Zionism and Jewish tribalism all over the world.

Also exposed is the Chabad Lubavitch movement, which Dr. Duke documents are more racist and hateful than any major nationalist movement for European or for that matter African nationalism.

Click here and look for the show dated 04-30-14.