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Jon Stewart equates maniac Netanyahu with American whites

Commentary — Here is a neat little Zionist trick. First take PM Netanyahu, with the blood of thousands of Gazans killed or maimed last summer still fresh on his hands and trying to manipulate America into an insane war with Iran.

It should be pointed out that an Iran war, like the war for Israel in Iraq, would be catastrophic for America and including of course the European American people.

Then pick one of his most insignificant transgressions, namely warning his supporters that Arab voter turnout likely to be unusually high — the implication being that Arab electoral participation is undesirable.

Finally, as the punch line to a joke, say ginning up “racist fears of minority turnout for short-term political gain” is “our thing?” What does he mean by “our thing?” Well, who is not a minority in this country? Whites!

And Jon Stewart, as a member of the Jewish elite in media, has a magic yarmulke that he can put on and take off, depending on whether he wants claim oppressed minority status or magnanimously engage in self-hate as a whitey. 

Jon Stewart though, instead of bringing up the Jewish control over America and our foreign policy, compares him to European Americans, when in fact, if European Americans actually acted in the their own interests and that of all American citizens, we not fight the Jewish wars nor would we support the terrorist Jewish state, a nation that has even committed terrorism against America. ( Because many of you are not told of this in the Jewish dominated media, look up the Lavon Affair and the Attack on the Liberty – Do a search for these things on )

So what he did with this joke was clean the blood off of Netanyahu’s hands by smearing it all over the European American people with who he equated Netanyahu.

Jewish supremacists have deposed the European American majority the same way they have taken over Palestine!
Jewish supremacists have deposed the European American majority the same way they have taken over Palestine!

In truth, the situation of European Americans is very similar to the Palestinians. Yes, I said Palestinians! Palestinians were in the 20th Century a 90 percent majority in Palestine. Britain, who controlled Palestine and which was in turn were subverted by Jewish power, forced the Palestinians to accept massive Jewish immigration into Palestine. That immigration eventually led to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians being ethnically cleansed, tortured and brutalized.

The truth is that America is so much like Israel in that America has the same rulers! If you want to know the real rulers of America just look at the reception of Netanyahu from their completely bought and subservient collaborators. They cheered and cheered the head of a nation which has committed repeated terrorism against America, a fact the Jewish media talking heads don’t want to mention. Jon Stewart won’t mention it,that’s for sure.

The truth is it is not white racism that rules America, but the same kind of racism that rules Israel: Jewish racism. And it is their power that enables them to demonize whites as racists when they are world’s champion of racism. It is their racism and discriminatory policy, their ingrained Jewish privilege and preference and collaboration that gives them their power over us.

For instance, at the same time the Jewish establishment elite has supported Israel’s strong immigration policies to keep Israel a “Jewish State” they have relentlessly worked to make the 90 percent European American majority become a minority. After all, they had to depose European Americans if they were take over the reigns of power in America. (which they have)

In the Stewart video below he shows a clip of Romney and and implies that Romney and American politics are driven by white racism. If that is true, then why have the politicians, both democrat and republican orchestrated immigration policy that will make European Americans a minority (and ultimately a tiny minority) in a nation that was 90 percent European just 40 years ago!

And if European Americans were really concerned about the interests of European Americans why would they let the 2 percent Jewish population, let their racist elite, rule over their politics, media, finance? If European Americans really ruled America would they allow a media to constantly hatefully demonize them and their history?

The truth is that Netanyahu has nothing in common with the European American people. He is one of the tyrants who rules over the American people, though he is the President of a minor state on Planet Earth his Jewish racist elite rule over the globalist apparatus of most of the Western World, a mechanism that seeks the destruction of the European people themselves. The same Jewish supremacism that rules Israel — Rules America!

david brooks NY Times shosen getting in small for internet

In this article are two powerful graphics from my upcoming book, The Illustrated Protocols of Zion. One shows the boasting column of the NY Times‘ David Brooks in which he brags about “the Jews taking over America.”

The second is a wonderful graphic showing the demographic change in Palestine which is now “Israel,” and the Demographic change that has occurred in the Ivy League which is the most important component of the American elite. — Dr. David Duke

Even this video clip is going viral and is being written about all over the Zio press, from Israel’s Haaretz Newspaper to the Huffington Post. No wonder Anne Cohen of the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper loves Stewart so, as is evident in the article she penned below. 

Why Jon Stewart Is Really Mad at ‘Racist’ Bibi

By Anne Cohen

Jon Stewart is kind of mad at Bibi. Not so much for winning this week’s Israeli election, but rather for how he won.

“How dare you gin up racist fears of minority turnout for short-term political gain? Stewart said, referring to Benjamin Netanyahu’s fear-mongering campaign, warning that Israeli-Arabs were out voting in droves.” “That’s our thing! You know what? Now you’ve got a copyright infringement suit on your hands, pal!”


Our favorite Jewish funny man (* sob * Don’t leave us Jon!) had a word or two of advice for U.S. politicians: Want to win? Take a page out of Bibi’s election tactics book.

“You know that stuff you say in private, your core beliefs, your prejudices that you try to hide from people because you fear society would shun you?” Stewart said. “Well, it appears all you have to do is turn into that skid.”

Following a montage showing a bunch of confused people asking why President Obama hadn’t yet called to congratulate Bibi on his win, Stewart quipped: “You don’t call, you don’t write, I win an election and I have to sit by the phone?”

Watch the whole clip below: