Jewish Supremacism

“J-Street”, the Jewish Council of Presidents Reveals Racist Jewish Motivations

By Dr. David Duke — The Jewish Council of Presidents (of Major Jewish  Organizations) recently refused membership to the leftist-Zionist “J Street” lobby. That organization’s official reaction, serves as a case-book study on how Jewish Supremacists arrange matters so that both sides of any public debate on Israel and Jewish affairs is controlled by racist, tribalist Jews who are first and foremost devoted to Jewish supremacy.

“Right wing” Jews protest against J Street at the Conference of Presidents meeting at the beginning of May.
“Right wing” Jews protest against J Street at the Conference of Presidents meeting at the beginning of May.

At the beginning of May 2014, the Council of Presidents voted 22 to 17 against admitting J Street to the organization. The main reason given was voiced by the Zionist Organization of America, which issued a statement saying that J Street had shown itself to be an “extremist group hostile to Israel.”

In response, J Street executive director Jeremy Ben-Ami wrote an article in the Times of Israel spelling out exactly what his organization stood for:

“J Street is pro-Israel. We do what we do because we care so profoundly about the country, its people and its future.

“J Street’s commitment to Israel is the centerpiece of its mission. We believe in the right of the Jewish people to a national homeland in Israel, in the Jewish and democratic values on which Israel was founded, and in the necessity of a two-state solution.”

“Yes, J Street is critical of some policies of the present government of Israel because we, like many Israelis, see them as counter to Israeli interests. It should be out of bounds to question our love or concern for the state of Israel and its people.”

Ben-Ami goes on to say that J Street:

– Does not support the Boycott-Disinvestment-Sanctions (BDS) movement,

– Has supported “every piece of Iran sanctions legislation that has passed Congress,”

– Supports all moves to “prevent[ing] Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability,” and

– Supports keeping “the military option on the table” with regard to Iran.

In fact, as Ben-Ami points out the only difference between J Street and the rest of the Zionist Lobby is that J Street supports a two-state solution to the “Israeli-Palestinian” crisis.

What this actually means is that J Street merely wants to present Zionist Supremacism in a “softer” format to the world—and then only because they understand full well that the “hard” Zionist Supremacist approach is actually waking increasing numbers of people up to the reality of the real problem: Jewish behavior.

Astute observers will therefore see that in reality, nothing that J-Street stands for is actually in anyway substantially different to AIPAC or any of the other Jewish interest groups which dominate America, despite posing as a so-called “leftist” grouping.

This strategy of dominating both sides of the “argument” is one which is being increasingly used by Jewish Supremacists, and is yet another example of their inherent dishonesty and attempt to manipulate public awareness of their nefarious activities.

Fortunately, the power of the Internet has broken the stranglehold of the Jewish lobby over the information distribution network, and deceptive stunts like J Street do not even work any more

Note: What is the  Actual Jewish Two State Solution?

* It is also worth noting that even the “two state solution”, proposed by J Street, is in fact a racial political option. It implies dividing the population in Palestine up on racial grounds, and giving them each their own geographic area.

This “solution” would of course be vehemently opposed by ALL the Jewish Supremacists–J Street included–and their fellow tribalists in the controlled mass media should any other nation on earth seek to create an ethnically or racially-exclusive state.

Thus J Street is not even actually “leftist” at all, but, by their own definition, “extreme racist.”

* Honest observers would also point out that the real reason for the “disagreement” between the Council of Presidents and J Street that the former seeks to steal all the land of Palestine and one day completely ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from it —  while the latter only wish to cordon them off in their own state which will be accompanied by the expulsion of all Palestinians from the present Israeli state.