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Hear Dr. David Duke and James Edwards on Media Distortions around the Half-Asian Elliot Rodger Shooting

Now available on the Rense Radio Network archives: Hear Dr. David Duke and James Edwards from the Political Cesspool discuss the Jewish racist media portrayal of the half Asian, half-White Elliot Rodger as a “White motivated by racism against minorities.”


In truth, Dr. Duke points out that President Obama is actually more “white” than Rodger, and James Edwards shows how the Jewish dominated media is actually promoting racial hatred and animosity.

Dr. Duke starts off the show with another powerful preview from The Illustrated Protocols of Zion, and then the latest article from a Jewish publication revealing that the ADL world survey on anti-semitism was a stacked deck meant to portray non-Jews are inherently anti-Semitic in order to induce gentile guilt and excite Jewish ethnocentrism and pro Zionist radicalism.

Click here and look for the show dated 05-28-14

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