West Bank Settlements: Zionist Supremacist Media Lets the Mask Slip

Zionist Supremacists around the world always talk about Israel as the “Jewish democratic” state—and portray that nation as the only unrighteous community in the Middle East which endorses western democratic values.

The reality, as those who have a deeper knowledge of the Zionist nature, is of course very different.

But this does not stop the Jewish Supremacist dominated media from always portraying Israel in the most positive light possible, and always covering up the large number of vitriolic instances of Jewish racism and hatred towards Gentiles of all types.

However, in their own media, meant for Jewish consumption, they sometimes feel more at ease letting the truth be known, confident that their co-religionists in the mass media directed at the goyim will never pick up and report on it.


One such example has come with a report published in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper dealing with a meeting between leaders of the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The West Bank is legally speaking, undisputed Palestinian territory, and Israel has no claim on it, even in terms of the highly dubious partition of Palestine made by the United Nations in 1947.

Nonetheless, Israel has illegally already seized (or otherwise made inaccessible to Palestinians) more than 60 percent of the West Bank through a combination of the so-called “Separation Wall,” illegal Jewish settlements and Israeli army-protected road networks and bases.

This blatant ongoing massive theft and ethnic cleansing is carrying on right now, and even though it has been declared illegal by all international courts, the Jewish Supremacist dominated mass media barely mentions it to the Goyim.

If it is mentioned, then the Jewish extremist colonizers are always portrayed as “settlers” (not ethnic cleansers, which is what they are) and some type of wild and woolly extremist element which the Israeli state does not endorse.

The Haaretz article however, rips away this mask and exposes the lie utterly. It quotes Netanyahu as telling the “settler” leaders that “I’m fighting for you. I am your greatest defender.”

Netanyahu goes on to tell them that he needs to deal carefully with the international world whenever their activities come up for discussion, because there is an awareness that their actions are completely illegal.

However, it is important to note that Netanyahu specifically endorses their activities, and his only issue is how to best defend them to the outside world.

The Haaretz article continues:

Netanyahu told the settlement leaders that he has in fact been advancing their cause in recent months. “You have no shield greater than I,” he said. “I fight for you.”

“But there are international constraints and you know them,” he said, according to a source present at the meeting. “Everyone tells me all the time that the peace process is stuck because of the settlements. I reply to them that that’s not true and that the real reason is the [Palestinian] refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.”

Yesha heads told Netanyahu, according to sources at the meeting, that the last time tenders for construction in the settlements were published happened after the third round of releasing Palestinian prisoners in January.

They added that the planning and construction committee of the West Bank civil administration has not convened in more than three months to discuss projects that are in different phases of completion. They said they have not been able to push forward plans to build public institutions such as schools or kindergartens.

“I was not aware of the damage and suffering it has caused,” Netanyahu said according to the source.

This shows that the Jewish Supremacist controlled media’s presentation of the “West Bank settlers” as oddball extremists not backed by the state is yet another lie.

In fact, the Jewish extremist ethnic cleansers in the West Bank have the full backing of the Zionist establishment, and the only “division” in the latter’s ranks are over how best to disguise their activities to the outside world.

This ethnic cleansing and colonization of “Greater Israel” by the Zionist extremists serves as an excellent metaphor for their activities across the rest of the world as well—in reality, all those nations suffering under Jewish Supremacist domination are being dispossessed of their nationhood.