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Dr. Duke Warns Trump: Kill the Ryan Care Bill or it will ruin your Presidency: Jewish Arrest for Bomb Threats Go Down the Memory Hole & Mark Collett on UK Islamic Terrorism Blamed on Racism


Today Dr. Duke started the show by once again calling for President Trump to withdraw his support from the Ryancare replacement of Obamacare. He emphasized that Ryancare is not a solution and if it is passed it will fail and take down the Trump presidency with it. He also talked about the news that the JCC bomb threat hoaxer was a Jewish American from Israel. Shalom, y’all!

Then he brought on British activist and author Mark Collett to discuss this week’s terrorist attack on the grounds of the British Parliament. They pointed out the duplicity of the press by labeling the terrorist on the one hand as being “British-born” and on the other as being “motivated by white racism.”

This is a fascinating show heading into the weekend. Please share it widely.


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