Zio-Puppet Obama & Jewish Lobby’s Demand for Horrific Bloodshed in Middle East

By Dr. David Duke — The new request by President Barack Obama for an increased $500 million “aid” to “rebels” in Syria—which actually means arming the al Qaeda militants in ISIS who threaten the US-supported government in Iraq as well—is a treasonous act which is only understandable in terms of the Jewish Supremacist control and direction of the American government.

The ISIS, al Qaeda offshoot which America has supported and trained in Syria, is now overrunning Iraq! This terrorist organization has promised terrorism and attacks against America as well as Americans anywhere in the world.

Zio-toadie Sen. Graham recently on the CBS Face the Nation program said that ISIS wants to make more 9-11 attacks against America.

Yet, our Zio-controlled talking heads didn’t dare ask him the obvious question. “Then why have you been supporting Syrian terrorists, considering that ISIS and al Nusra, al Qaeda elements dominate the rebel forces?

Hasn’t the U.S. Government prosecuted Americans who have given money to terrorists? Why shouldn’t you and most of the Congress of the United States as well as the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, be prosecuted for treason?”


The CNN map below shows the terrorist, al Qaeda organization, ISIS, dominating almost all of the “rebel held” territory in Syria, under the thumb of Zionists who hate Syria because of its strong support of Palestinians, traitors in the United States government have been supporting this al Qaeda offshoot with American money and weapons.

Now they have swept into Iraq as well. Now we are being told that they are planning 9-11 style attacks on United States.

Only when you understand the Zio stranglehold on the American government and media can one know why we have been supporting our supposed worst enemy in Syria.

The Syrian Government has been making great gains against the terrorists and with the end of the horrific bloodshed in sight American Nobel Peace Prize-winning Barack Obama is now sending a half of billion dollars of weapons of mass destruction to the terrorists in Syria to fulfill the Jewish Zionists wish for the slaughter to continue, even escalate.

Iraq-ISIS-mapThere is one obvious reason why America would support the radical terrorists in Iraq against a Western educated medical doctor, Bashar Assad, who has the support of the majority of the citizens of Syria. He has dared to remain a supporter of the Palestinian people and the Hezbollah leaders in Lebanon who successfully defeated the Israeli invaders of Lebanon.

Syria was one of most advanced, secular states in the entire Mideast, as was Iraq. Both nations had flourishing Christian communities, education of women in universities, until the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the driving out of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians into Syria. Now the combined Christian population of the two nations is in danger of genocide from the mass murderers of ISIS.

The war in Syria has resulted in the persecution of Christians by groups paid for, and armed by the US government.
The war in Syria has resulted in the persecution of Christians by groups paid for, and armed by the US government.

Over a million Christians are in Syria and they all support the government as well as the leading Sunni Cleric of the nation, the Grand Mufti of Syria. The reason why America supported the al Qaeda invaders is simply because Israel wanted to see the successful, anti-Zionist state of Syria destroyed.

Why would America support al Qaeda terrorists and mass murderers, the answer is very, very simple: Because American policy and media is completely dominated by Jewish radicals who don’t give a damn about America. All they care about what they see as Israel’s interests.

There is simply no other reason why the American government would send even more money, arms and training, to the “Syrian rebels”—who, as everyone around the world knows, are completely dominated by the radical ISIS (also known by the acronym ISIL) element.

According to news reports, Obama sent Congress a $500 million request Thursday for a Pentagon-run program that would “significantly expand previous covert efforts to arm rebels” in Syria.

Although White House spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden claimed that the military assistance would “help the Syrian people . . . push back against the growing number of extremists like ISIL” this is an obvious lie.

The reality is—as has been shown even by a recent election in Syria, acknowledged by observers as free and fair, given the violence in that country, which saw President Bashar Al-Assad win nearly 90 percent of the vote—that the vast majority of the Syrian people support the current Syrian government.

There is therefore no reason for the White House to claim that the “Syrian people” are being attacked by their government. The only people doing the “attacking” are a handful of malcontents, backed by an internationally-motivated group of extremists such as the ISIS—and armed, trained and supplied by the American government.

On the face of matters, there is no rational reason why the US government would want to arm “rebels” who are aligned to the very group which is violently opposed to American interests in Iraq—and which is responsible for the most extreme, bloody and violent massacres and mass murders of recent times.


The only way in which this apparent contradiction can be explained is by the “strategy” being employed by Israel in the Middle East—which is a microcosm of the overall worldwide strategy pursued by the Jewish lobby against all Gentile nations.

This “strategy” consists of creating discord and disunity, so that attention is diverted away from Jewish Supremacist activities.

This is no “secret” policy—it was recently openly declared by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on American television, particularly referring to Syria and Iraq.

On the NBC “Meet the Press” show, Netanyhau laid out the strategy as follows:

“What you’re seeing in the Middle East today in Iraq and in Syria is the stark hatred between radical Shiites — in this case led by Iran — and radical Sunnis led by al-Qaeda and ISIS and others,” Netanyahu said.

“Now both of these camps are enemies of the United States, and when your enemies are fighting each other, don’t strengthen either one — weaken both.

“And I think by far the worst outcome that could come out of this is that one of these factions, Iran, would come out with nuclear weapon capability. That would be a tragic mistake — it would make everything else pale in comparison.
“I think that there are two actions you have to take: one is to take the actions that you deem necessary to counter this ISIS takeover of Iraq, and the second is not to allow Iran to dominate Iraq the way it dominated Lebanon and Syria.

“You actually have to work on both sides — as I say, you try to weaken both.”

This “strategy”—as set out by the wirepullers who control the US government and its foreign policy—explains why Obama now seeks to increase “aid” to the “Syrian rebels” even though this is blatantly against American interests.

While the whole world calls for an end to the horrific bloodshed, the New York Times gives an insight into the Zionist position.


Here is a quote from the New York Times from September 5, 2013. The article’s title is “Israel Backs Limited Strike Against Syria.”

“This is a playoff situation in which you need both teams to lose, but at least you don’t want one to win — we’ll settle for a tie,” said Alon Pinkas, a former Israeli consul general in New York. “Let them both bleed, hemorrhage to death: that’s the strategic thinking here. As long as this lingers, there’s no real threat from Syria.”

This high up Israeli Zionist criminal says it all.

While the world wants to end the slaughter, The Israelis and their Zionist cohorts in the United States want the mass murder of innocents in Syria to go on and on!

There is simply no other reason for America to arm and supply “rebels” in Syria. All that will happen is that the bloodshed, suffering and misery of millions of innocent people will continue and even be extended.

Yet this extended bloodshed and suffering is exactly what the Jewish Supremacists want. It forms an intrinsic part of their atavistic hatred of all Gentiles. As long as the Jewish Supremacists can instigate violence and destabilize other nations, the less time the world will have to focus on their own activities.