Zionist Veteran Admits: “We Razed Arab Villages”

The Zionist criminal theft of Arab land has been openly confirmed by one of the commanders who organized the ethnic cleansing which created Israel, 100-Year-Old General Yitzhak Pundak.

In an article in the Israel National News Arutz Sheva titled “We Razed Arab Villages, So What?” Brig. Gen. Pundak said that “If we hadn’t done it, there would be a million more Arabs and there would be no Israel.”

Pundak was the commander of the 53rd Battalion of the Givati Brigade in the 1948 war and went on to supervise the establishment of the Armored Corps.

According to the Israeli news service, Pundak confirmed that forces under his command razed Arab villages in 1948.

“My conscience is at ease with that, because if we hadn’t done so, then there would be no state by now. There would be a million more Arabs,” he said.

Asked if he feels proud of his country, he said that his pride runs “as high as the rooftop.”


According to the book The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappé, the racist war against the Palestinians was fully described in an Israeli military/government document entitled Plan Dalet.

Plan Dalet, according to Pappé, spells out, in writing, the clear directives of the operation. It included ‘bombarding villages…setting fire to homes, properties and goods, expulsion, demolition and planting mines among the rubble to prevent any of the expelled inhabitants from returning.’

Pappe catalogues actions such as poisoning of the water supply of Acre with typhoid, numerous cases of rape, atrocities, and dozens of massacres.

Pappé then quotes from the diary of David Ben-Gurion, he main founder and the first Prime Minister of Israel, who wrote that “The Arabs will have to go.”  According to Pappé, Ben-Gurion’s strategy for the creation of the Israeli State included very specific offensive military steps. They are described by Ben Gurion as “Plans A, B, C, and D.”

“The purpose of such actions would be to deter the Palestinian population from attacking Jewish settlements, and to retaliate for assaults on Jewish houses, roads, and traffic.”

Plan C [also named Gimel Plan] spelled out clearly what punitive actions would entail, such as

* Killing the Palestinian leadership.

* Killing Palestinian inciters and their financial supporters.

* Killing Palestinians who acted against Jews.

* Killing senior Palestinian officers and officials.

* Damaging Palestinian transportation.

* Damaging the sources of Palestinian livelihoods: water wells, mills etc. Attacking nearby Palestinian villages likely to assist in future attacks.

* Attacking Palestinian clubs, coffeehouses, meeting places, etc.

The Zionist Supremacists have, therefore, been responsible for the worst crimes and excesses of which they continually accuse everyone else of, from Hitler through to Saddam Hussein, Iran and now Syria: namely, crimes against humanity.

And their chutzpah is such that they feel free to openly admit their crimes in their own media, confident that the Jewish Supremacists who control the mass media in the West will not give these admissions of guilt any publicity.