Zionist Supremacist Puppet Regime in Washington will “End Aid” if Palestine Joins ICC

The Zionist Supremacist puppet regime in Washington DC has threatened to end all aid to Palestinians should the new head of the International Criminal Court proceed with an invitation to the Palestinian authority to join that organization, a new report in the Foreign Policy Journal has claimed.


Well-known Middle East analyst and expert Franklin Lamb, writing in that journal, said that the new ICC deputy prosecutor, Gambian-born Fatou Bom Bensouda, sent an invitation on June 27 to Palestine, urging its accession to the Rome Statute and the ICC.

Lamb points out that the reason for the Zionist Supremacists’ fear of Palestinians on the ICC is that they will “challenge the criminal, apartheid regime in occupied Tel Aviv and hold it accountable under international humanitarian law for crimes against Palestinian prisoners and more than a dozen equally brutal campaigns that target the indigenous population increasingly being condemned internationally.”

Lam continued: “The new ICC Prosecutor, Bensouda, is also encouraging Palestine to join the International Criminal Court, as she prepares for the cases that are likely to be filed with the ICC in the coming months.

“The ICC prosecutor’s office is rumored in The Hague to be particularly impassioned and focused on those areas in which their chief, Ms. Bensouda, has particular international legal expertise.

“With the main area being international crimes comprising the category of continuous crimes against humanity, which, arguably, since 1948, have been most egregiously committed by the last 19th century colonial enterprise that still brutally occupies Palestine.

“Prosecutor Bensouda and her ICC staff is reported to be particularly intent on investigating continuing violations of basic humanitarian principles, standards and rules and both have spoken about the case  of Palestinian Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh, a cancer-sufferer who died in Israeli custody on June 25 after the  Israeli government rejected repeated international calls and protests for his release.

“This, even as its officials conceded that Mr. Abu Hamidiyeh was no threat to society and could likely be successfully treated if allowed medical treatment for his life-threatening condition.  One ICC investigator, who asked for anonymity, stated that she and her colleagues considered the actions of the Netanyahu government with respect to the Abu Hamidiyeh, and similar cases, to be ‘sick!’”

As Lamb goes on to point out, the “White House and its allies” (no prizes for guessing who these ‘allies’ are) are “not pleased by prospects for an eventful next few years at the ICC.

 “Ramallah is being flooded with threats this month from Middle East envoy Tony Blair, US Secretary of State John Kerry (now on his 5th visit to the Middle East in as many months), Jordan’s King Hussein, and reportedly several others.

“ The message for Mahmoud Abbas is that the Palestinian Authority risks a cut-off of funds and US disengagement from any ‘peace process’ as well as the scrapping of the rumored “mega economic and development  package” which Kerry aids are currently finalizing, if Palestine goes anywhere near the International Criminal Court.

“It’s a tough call for President Mahmoud Abbas and his supporters because Hamas wants Palestine to immediately file cases against Israel at the ICC and so it appears, do a large majority of Palestinians, in Lebanon and internationally,” Lamb concludes.