Zionist Stooge Endorses Zionist Stooge

Giuliani Endorsed by Pat Robertson

By James Buchanan EURO

In a completely bizarre move, Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president. Giuliani is famous for supporting Gay marriage and abortion. Giuliani has also been married three times and has occasionally appeared in public dressed in drag.

Pat Robertson is the head of the Christian Coalition, a loose collection of protestant cliques, some of which are obsessed with the notion of being raptured before the battle of Armageddon. Robertson has just made the “mother of all moral compromises” by jumping on Giuliani’s bandwagon. Will his followers hold their nose and vote for Giuliani or will this endorsement fall on deaf ears?

Giuliani is supported by the neocons and the Israeli Lobby. He is totally willing to use the US military to wage war on any nation that Israel is the slightest bit paranoid about. A Giuliani victory in 2008 would be a guarantee of a war on Iran for the sake of Israel.

Pat Robertson raised a few eyebrows not long ago when he suggested that the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, should be assassinated. His latest deal with Giuliani should wake up anyone with an open mind to the fact that there is something seriously wrong with Pat Robertson.

Elections in the United States are stage-managed like professional wrestling matches. The 2008 election is supposed to be between Hillary and Giuliani, two liberal, pro-Israel candidates, who wouldn’t mind waging war on Iran. Hillary occasionally panders to the anti-war crowd. She has said many times that her vote for the Iraq War was a mistake. Just recently the warmonger neocon, Joe Lieberman introduced a resolution that many say will pave the way for a war on Iran. What did Hillary do when faced with the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment? She voted for it of course. Apparently just because she admits something was a mistake, doesn’t mean she wouldn’t do it all over again.

Giuliani was stuck at around 27 percent in the polls for the last several months. Considering what a flaming liberal he is, many people have wondered if those poll results were fake. Why would any sane conservative ever vote for a New York liberal? Pat Robertson’s endorsement of Giuliani is meant to consolidate the pro-war vote. It is also meant to undermine Huckabee, who was getting an increasing percentage of the Christian Coalition vote.

The neocons want Giuliani to be the candidate, and they realize that if the pro-war vote is split too many ways, there’s a serious chance that Ron Paul might be able to win a plurality in many (if not most states) while Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, McCain and Huckabee split up the pro-war vote.

October 8th, 2007

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