Zionist State’s Immigration Controls Allow for Detention without Trial

The Zionist Supremacists who run Israel have an immigration law which allows for the detention without trial of illegal immigrants—while at the same time those self-same Jewish Supremacists are at the forefront of promoting open borders for all other countries.

The details of Israel’s immigration laws have come to light as a result of a legal action currently before that state’s High Court.


The State Prosecution has asked the High Court of Justice to reject a petition by migrants’ rights groups against the “Prevention of Infiltration Law,” claiming the law is constitutional and reasonable. The legislation allows the state to detain migrants who enter Israel illegally without trial.

 “The amendment to the Prevention of Infiltration Law with its various instructions is constitutional,” the prosecution said. “Its impact on freedom is for a worthy cause, it is suited to the values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, and meets the test of reasonableness.”

The prosecution continued: “In recent years the State of Israel has turned into a center of attraction for many residents of African states … at first there were individual infiltrators, then there were a few dozens, and over the past three years hundreds and thousands have been coming every month.”

The law aims, the state said, to “stop infiltration and prevent thousands of migrants from settling in the Israeli society.”

It is important to note that what the Israeli “rights groups” have challenged is not the law itself, but an that the Knesset passed in January as an “emergency order” for three years. The law permits the detention of migrants for an unlimited period of time, though it sets three years as the point at which their release might be considered.

The law does not distinguish between migrant workers and those who cannot be deported to their countries of origin because their lives are at risk there. The law also allows children to be detained for an unlimited period, which in theory could result in children growing up behind bars.

The United Nations has intervened in the petition. During a hearing on the petition two months ago, William Tall, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ representative in Israel, was in attendance, bringing with him five asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan who are currently being held in the Saharonim detention center.

In the state’s response Monday, it reported that 2,004 persons are being held in “detention facilities” (that is, concentration camps) and that more than half have had requested asylum.

Israel, therefore, practices the most extreme form of immigration control of any nation on the planet, actively discriminating against anyone who is not Jewish in order to “keep Israel a Jewish state.”

At the same time, Jewish Supremacists lead the way in all other nations in demanding “open borders” and multi-culturalism” for everyone else.