Zionist Puppet Obama Promises War with Iran “Within One Year”

ObamaLyingtoAMericaThe Zionist Supremacist controlled puppet American president Barack Obama has intimated that he will order an attack on Iran within a year “should diplomatic efforts fail” to prevent Iran from allegedly obtaining an “atom bomb.”

Obama made the remark during an interview on Israel’s Channel 2, ahead of his visit to Israel.

What this means is that a war with Iran is now almost inevitable, because that nation is not developing an atom bomb at all—as all intelligence reports have already confirmed many times over.

For Obama and his Zionist controllers to demand a “diplomatic solution” to a problem which does not even exist, is nothing but a blind and an excuse to wage war against the Iranians.

It is impossible to reach a “diplomatic” solution to the mythical “Iranian atom bomb” and the lack of progress which must inevitably result from such nonsense will then be presented to the American public via the Jewish-Supremacist controlled mass media as the “reason” for a new catastrophic and costly war in the Middle East—all to save Israel once again.

In the interview with Channel 2, Obama claimed that Iran could “produce a nuclear weapon in just over a year.”

This outrageous claim is obviously just his Zionist wire pullers speaking, as the US National Intelligence Director James Clapper told a Senate panel during an annual report on global threats on Tuesday this week that Teheran had decided not to build an atom bomb.

Clapper further said “we do not know if Iran will eventually decide to build nuclear weapons.”

His assessment reiterated last year’s analysis from intelligence agencies stating “Iran’s nuclear decision-making is guided by a cost-benefit approach” which had subsequently precluded efforts to build a bomb.

“…We have not changed our assessment that Iran prefers to avoid direct confrontation with the United States because regime preservation is its top priority,” Clapper said.

Obama’s claims are therefore a straight forward lie, and he is simply echoing what the Jewish Supremacist warmongers who seek yet another war, have told him to say.

Obama went on to say that “should diplomatic efforts fail this year or early next year, America will be forced to carry out military action against Iran.”

Obama said that Washington was in ”constant coordination with the Israeli government” concerning Iran and a variety of other issues, and that he is in close consultation with Netanyahu — to whom he consistently referred by his informal moniker, “Bibi.” He said the two have a “terrific, businesslike relationship.”