Zionist Hypocrisy: Multi-Culturalism for All Nations except Israel

Jewish extremists—who demand that all other nations on earth be multi-cultural and have “open borders” while simultaneously ruthlessly maintaining Israel as a racially Jewish state—have once again revealed their hand for all the world to see.

According to an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the Zionist state’s foreign minister, Eli Yishai, has announced that “Israel must deport illegal immigrants, even if it costs money.”

According to the report, the Israeli government aims to “deport tens of thousands of foreigners who crossed into Israel illegally.

“The border fence is important, and the detention facility is much more important,” Yishai said, referring to a concentration camp for sub-Saharan Africans being built in the south to “hold would-be refugees and labor migrants arrested after crossing over.”

“The goal is not only to prevent their entry into Israel, but also to remove the 58,000 infiltrators who are already here,” Yishai said, adding, “Look at what’s happening in Eilat and Arad and is about to happen in Ashdod and in Netanya as well. We all know about Tel Aviv.”

According to Yishai, foreigners’ attempts to breach the borders will increase in the months to come, “because they’re convinced that once they’re in Israel it is very hard to remove them, and to my great regret that is true. I hope that eventually we’ll succeed in creating ties with Sudan and Eritrea and other countries so that it’s possible to remove the migrants who’ve reached Israel in exchange for payment to a third country.”

“In other words,” Yishai went on, “it’s worth our while to pay. I call it a demobilization allowance, [or] a deportation allowance … I’m willing to pay money … to finance their return to their state, their homeland, or another country, as long as they leave Israel … in order to preserve the Zionist enterprise of the State of Israel, which is endangered. It can be said that we stopped this threat. In the coming months, immediately upon completion of the detention facility, we will start enforcement, it will be very painful, very difficult, with very high fines. The process will be very, very complex but there is no alternative in dealing with the problem. You are all familiar with what is happening in Tel Aviv, everywhere, terrible things, very difficult scenes.”

The article went on to quote Kiryat Arba Chief Rabbi Dov Lior, who called for the repatriation of “migrants to their homelands, following the model of post-World War II Europe, when ‘millions of people’ were moved about from place to place.”

The hypocrisy of this is breathtaking: all over the world, Jewish extremist groups are at the forefront of “immigration reform” and pushing for “multi-culturalism”—yet in Israel, the Jewish government is totally dedicated to preserving Israel as a racially pure, Jewish and homogenous state.

What makes the latest Zionist plan even more outrageous is the fact that they will be using money provided to Israel in terms of “foreign aid” by the US government—read American taxpayers—who are, at the same time, subjected to multi-cultural propaganda from Jewish extremists in the media in the US.

It is the old story: one law for the Jews, another law for the Goyim.