Zionist Extremists Attempt to Suppress News Story on CBS

Zionist extremists—including the Israeli government—tried desperately to prevent CBS from broadcasting a documentary which exposed the expulsion of Muslim and Christians from “Greater Israel,” it has been revealed.

An article in the Huffington Post has reported that “Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was reportedly briefed on Ambassador Michael Oren’s attempts to kill a CBS 60 Minutes story on Arab Christians in Israel, the Huffington Post reported.

During Sunday night’s episode of “60 Minutes,” reporter Bob Simon’s story on Arab Christians included a heated confrontation between himself and Oren. Oren reportedly called Jeff Fager, the chairman of CBS News, before the broadcast and said he had information the “60 Minutes” story was “a hatchet job.” He was concerned that the piece was critical of Israel and could harm the country’s reputation among American Christians.

Simon confronted the Ambassador for calling Fager. Oren called Simon’s report “outrageous” and “incomprehensible.” He also said Simon’s interview questions confirmed what he suspected as the story’s critical slant. “Nothing’s been confirmed by the interview, Mr. Ambassador, because you don’t know what’s going to be put on air,” Simon responded.

According to sources, news of Simon’s “60 Minutes” report reached the highest levels of Israel’s government. Haaretz reported on Tuesday that Netanyahu and his political adviser Ron Dermer were “fully informed on the affair almost since its start.”

The report said “it was unclear whether Netanyahu or Dermer were the ones who instructed or suggested that Oren directly address the president of CBS in an attempt to prevent the broadcast.”

According to Haaretz, the effort to thwart the broadcast was intense and coordinated, involving Oren penning an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal and Netanyahu addressing Evangelical leaders in Jerusalem, all in an attempt to bolster the government’s record when it came to the Christian community in Israel.

A source told Haaretz that Israel’s unsuccessful attempts to kill the 60 Minutes report backfired as Oren’s call to Fager became a central part of the story. “We awakened the dead,” the source said.

The documentary showed that the Christian population in Greater Israel has diminished dramatically in recent years as Palestinians left for other countries.

In 1967 Christians constituted 5 percent of Jerusalem’s population; today they make up just 1.5 percent. Bethlehem, not long ago an overwhelmingly Christian city, is now hardly Christian at all.

Zionist propagandists have successfully convinced conservative American Christians that their counterparts in the Holy Land are Israelis, whose military power protects them from the rising tide of Islamic fundamentalism.

The 60 Minutes documentary showed however, that the Zionist extremists are as anti-Christian as they are anybody else, and they make no differentiation between Muslims and Christians when they expel people from Greater Israel.

Zionist Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren first attacked the report as biased against Israel and Jews. The documentary maker, Bob Simon, responded that the information he relied on “was endorsed by the leaders of 13 Christian denominations including Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Anglican.”

The conversation then went on as follows:

Oren: These are denominations who have been exceedingly critical of the State of Israel. And sometimes to the point of going beyond legitimate criticism. And so —

Simon: What does that mean to go beyond….

Oren: Well, I think —

Simon: — legitimate criticism?

Oren: Accusing us — of crimes that would be very, I think, historically associated with anti-Semitism.

Oren: It seemed to me outrageous. Completely incomprehensible that at a time when these communities, Christian communities throughout the Middle East are being oppressed and massacred, when churches are being burnt, when one of the great stories in history is unfolding? I think it’s– I think it’s– I think you got me a little bit mystified. 

Simon: And it was a reason to call the president of– chairman of CBS News? 

Oren: Bob, I’m the ambassador of the State of Israel. I do that very, very infrequently as ambassador. It’s just– that’s an extraordinary move for me to complain about something. When I heard that you were going to do a story about Christians in the Holy Land and my assumption– and– and had, I believe, information about the nature of it, and it’s been confirmed by this interview today. 

Simon: Nothing’s been confirmed by the interview, Mr. Ambassador, because you don’t know what’s going to be put on air. 

Oren: Okay. I don’t. True. 

Simon: Mr. Ambassador, I’ve been doing this a long time. And I’ve received lots of reactions from just about everyone I’ve done stories about. But I’ve never gotten a reaction before from a story that hasn’t been broadcast yet. 

Oren: Well, there’s a first time for everything, Bob.