Yes, Democrats are the War Party and Republicans the Sodomy Party

Dr. Duke and Dr Slattery had a free-wheeling conversation for the hour. First, they discussed former Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s statement that as president he would “bomb Iran back to the Seventh Century.” Dr. Duke noted the callousness of such an idea, which would surely kill millions of men, women, and children, all for a paranoid Zio delusion about Iran’s intents towards Israel. Dr. Slattery pointed out that Santorum, who has made himself a reputation as a social conservative, is bending over backwards to ingratiate himself with the same Jewish campaign financiers that actually support gay marriage, open borders, and moral decline.


Dr. Duke pointed out that while Conservatives reminisce fondly President Reagan, Reagan never backed up his conservative rhetoric with action on social issues from school busing to immigration, just as President Obama never backed up his rhetoric on ending wars. Indeed, the Democrats are the controlled opposition on Zio wars the same way the Republicans are the controlled opposition on Zio social policies.

Finally, Dr. Duke reminded us that this is not just an intellectual exercise, but that the future of our people and indeed the very world is at stake.

This was a fun but hard-hitting show with great information and insights. Start spreading the news.

Click here and look for the show dated 5-18-15.

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