Wolfowitz Wants Non-Russian Immigration for Russia

The World Bank under the direction of the Jewish-Extremist Neocon Paul Wolfowitz is pushing Russia to open its borders to massive Third World Immigration. The Russian News & Information Agency, RIA Novosti, reports that the World Bank is trying to encourage Russia to “substantially change its immigration policy.”

Russia, already saddled with terrorism and secession of problems from racial minorities in its borders areas, realizes that opening the gates of immigration to the surrounding regions’ alien populations would be tantamount to suicide for the Russian state and people.

Whatever problems Russia has with declining population are minor and solvable compared to the incredible problems which would arise with the accommodation of a massive non-Russian immigrant population. The specter of social unrest, ethnic turmoil and terrorism is inevitable with a change in immigration policy.

Wolfowitz, who supports Apartheid Israel with its immigration almost completely limited to Jews, supports the efforts to de-Europeanized Russia, Byelorussia (White Russia) and Ukraine, three of the Whitest major nations on Earth. Vast areas of Russia have been composed almost exclusively of White heritage for thousands of years. Moscow alone, a city of 12 million has more White people in it than the whole of Sweden and Denmark combined and is the most European of any of the world’s largest cities.

Wolfowitz, as head of the World Bank, controls hundreds of billions of dollars in world monetary policy. With that power he can dramatically affect the economic well-being of any nation, including Russia, so Wolfowitz has both the carrot and the stick to promote whatever policies he wants. —Dr. David Duke

01/ 11/ 2005 – The Russian News & Information Agency, RA Naivest

World Banks says Russia should review immigration policy

MOSCOW, November 1 (RIA Novosti) – Russia would benefit from substantially changing its immigration policy, the World Bank said Tuesday in a report on the Russian economy.
Immigration is one of the main preconditions for stable economic growth in Russia. The country’s population is ageing and declining – a phenomenon expected to continue for several decades, the report said.

According to the Population Reference Bureau’s 2005 World Population Data Sheet (WPDS), Russia has the second most severe depopulation rate in the world at -0.6% per year, equal with Belarus. Only Ukraine is in more dire straits with a rate of -0.7%.

According to WPDS forecasts, the Russian population will plummet 17% by 2050, from 144 to 119 million, but the UN puts the figure even lower at 112 million, the report said.

To fully compensate for the depopulation, a yearly inflow of one million employable migrants would be needed – three times more than the average inflow between the 1989 and 2002 censuses.

Official rules should be relaxed and made more sensible, and an amnesty on current illegal immigrants in the country should be considered, the report said.