"Respectable Conservative" William F. Buckley Dies 1925-2008

William F. Buckley: Life-long Political Gadfly

By James Buchanan EURO

If only I had sufficient perspicacity to pontificate on the non-salubrious condition of this afficionado of wearisome verbosity and multi-syllabic articulation.

William F. Buckley was a gutless over-rated blowhard. He was more interested in showing off his vocabulary than doing anything for the common man, and he was far too cowardly to get out of his leather arm chair and do anything about the increasing racial problems facing White America.

Buckley was yet another useless political gadfly, who wasted his life and our time droning on about taxes and conservative economic principles. Ronald Reagan was able to present conservative economics much more clearly and positively. Reagan achieved some real reforms, but the CFR criminals in the Bush family squandered the successes of the Reagan administration, running up a nine trillion dollar national debt and introducing economic policies just as irresponsible as the Democrats.

What’s the point of spending your life talking about taxes and free markets while the nation is being submerged by a brown tide of Latino immigration. If America fills up with Third World people it will become a Third World nation. That issue is one million more times important than haggling over economics.

The best form of government in the world will fail if the population lacks the intelligence and creativity to make it prosperous. One Central American country actually copied the US Constitution word-for-word. Did this country suddenly become as prosperous as the US? Of course not.

The creativity of White people is the key to prosperity. America is filling up with Third World people and preferentially hires them instead of Whites. This is making the US more poor, backward and dysfunctional every year.

The state of California has a non-White majority and it appears incapable of balancing its budget. Multi-billion dollar deficits seem to be unavoidable and crazy Latino and liberal politicians routinely get elected to the California legislature and pass laws that make things worse. Power failures, black outs and brown outs are common in the summer. Freeways are unbelievably grid-locked for several hours per day as millions of illegal aliens overcrowd them.

The great prophets in politics are the ones, who have the courage and foresight to point out the importance of race. A rambling pedantic man like Buckley is little better than a steward on the Titanic, who obsesses over the placement of deck chairs as his ship slowly sinks into the ice cold abyss.

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