Will These Jews make one last Never Trump stand on January 6?
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Will These Jews make one last Never Trump stand on January 6?

On December 19 the Electoral College gave Donald Trump an absolute majority of its votes, apparently setting the stage for his inauguration on January 20. The voting saw a record number of faithless electors, two of whom had been pledged to Donald Trump and, significantly, five whom had been pledged for Hillary. And here in lies one last potential hurdle on the way to the Trump presidency.

Normally I wouldn’t think it worthy of mention, but this election campaign saw levels of Jewing unprecedented in American electoral history. First of all, the Jewish media spent a year and a half bad mouthing and lying about The Donald at every opportunity. Even after he won the Republican nomination, network news panels routinely included more anti-Trump than pro-Trump members, if it including any pro-Trump voice at all. Major issues like a crisis in U.S.-Russia relations had to give way to 24-hour coverage of private conversation comments by Trump about how he enjoys kissing women.

Delegates he won in primaries were reassigned to other candidates. Then after he won a majority of delegates, efforts were made by the Republican establishment to allow and pressure his delegates to vote for someone else. Alternatively, dark horse candidates (including 2012 standard bearer Mitt Romney) were desperately sought, and when that failed the same neocon Republican leaders promoted third-party candidates or even openly supported Hillary.

After Trump won the election on November 8, the Never Trump Jews turned their attention to groundless recounts or pressuring Trump electors to betray him. In addition to bribery and threats, high profile members of Congress called for CIA “briefings” (intimidation) of the electors on Russian “hacking” of the election.

All of these activities were highly unusual or completely unprecedented. But the electoral college has voted. What could they possibly do to stop Trump now, short of assassination (which will always remain a distinct threat)?

Well, the electoral votes may have been cast already, but they have not yet been counted, not officially at least. That will take place on January 6 in a joint session of Congress chaired by Vice President Biden. And this is where they Never Trump Jews, should they choose to do so, could make their last stand.

On January 6 Biden will unseal the votes sent to Congress by the 50 states and the District of Columbia. As he announces the results from each state, members of Congress will have the opportunity to object to any of the votes. All it takes is at least one Senator and one Representative to object to a given vote, and Congress must then retreat to their respective chambers and debate and vote on the validity of the electoral vote. If they fail to agree (i.e. the Senate accepts the electoral vote and the House rejects it), then the Governor of the state whose vote is in question gets the final word. At least that is what the current rules stipulate.

In 2000 there were several Democratic Representatives who objected to the electoral votes from Florida that put George W. Bush into the presidency, but not a single Democratic Senator was willing to object, so the motion died. If the votes were to be counted today, I have no doubt that any objections would be overruled and Trump would be declared the winner. But if these Jews in the media can manufacture another scandal, then a Congressional cuckfest is not out of the question. The objections do not have to meet any standard of validity or constitutionality, they merely need to be upheld by a majority of Senators and Representatives.

Remember back in early October when a 12-year-old audio tape emerged of Trump’s Grabocaust comments emerged? Suddenly Republican members of Congress were lining up to denounce Trump as unfit for office. Some called on him to drop out of the race. These are the same megacucks we are counting on to override objections to Trump’s electoral votes.

The Russian hacking fairy-tale that they tried to sell to the electors didn’t work, but they might be able to upgrade it somehow. Perhaps it would come in the form of a false flag attack somewhere that could be blamed on the Russians. Or perhaps some other manufactured scandal. Whatever form in may take, we have to remember that Congress is pretty much a fully-owned subsidiary of International Jewry, Inc.

So, just what if Trump’s electoral vote from Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are rejected by Congress. Or his 36 votes from Texas. Either of these scenarios would deprive him of an electoral majority. Then what?

Then the Senate would decide the Vice President from the top two candidates (i.e. Pence and that guy who looks like a gay version of the Joker), while the House of Representatives would decide the President from the top THREE candidates.

THREE? But there were only two who won any states, right? Well, yes, but thanks to the faithless electors mentioned above, the third place finisher in the electoral vote was Colin Powell, who won three votes from Democratic electors from Washington state, which Hillary won on November 8. So if there is a successful challenge to Trump’s electors, then the House of Representatives will choose between Trump, Hillary, and Colin Powell.

By the way, it is possible that Trump’s electoral votes could be disqualified but not Pence’s. Pence’s position is not really at risk, because even if some of his electoral votes are disqualified, it is hard to imagine a Republican-majority Senate voting for Kane over Pence.

But the House? To win the presidency under this scenario, one of these three finalists would have to win NOT the majority of representatives, but at least 26 state delegations, with each state receiving one vote, regardless of the size of their delegations. This system would currently work to the DISADVANTAGE of Hillary. About 40 of California’s 53 representatives are clustered in that state. New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts also have high concentrations of Democrats. Hillary has zero chance of winning.

But if some of the Republicans who represent states with a single at-large representative (Alaska, Montana, the Dakotas, etc.) vote for Colin Powell, and if some stray anti-Trump Republicans in states like Pennsylvania join with Democratic Representatives to vote for Powell, he could win enough states to at least deprive Trump of 26 states.

The two previous times that Congress decided the President were in 1800 and 1824. In 1800 it took weeks (36 ballots) for a winner to emerge. Of course, inauguration day was not until March 4 in those days. In 1824, the Electoral College”s second-place finisher, John Quincy Adams, was selected.

If the vote for President in the House of Representatives is still deadlocked on January 20, Mike Pence will be inaugurated as acting president until such a time when the House can select a winner. This is an unlikely outcome, but not impossible.

And if the Democrats just completely abandon Hillary and support Colin Powell, he could win outright. Mike Pence would be his Vice President.

Again, I don’t see any of these scenarios as likely, but if these Jews in the media find or manufacture some mud that sticks to Trump, then anything is possible. What we need to do is make sure everyone knows that the entire Never Trump effort is a Jewish enterprise, from the media lies to the efforts to strip Trump delegates to the recount scam to the intimidation of electors. After all of this, we have to make it clear that if anything happens to Trump, we will hold These Jews responsible.