Will Jewish Globalist Maniacs Blow Up the World over Ukraine?
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Will Jewish Globalist Maniacs Blow Up the World over Ukraine?

Jan 19 – Wed – Will Jewish Globalist Maniacs Blow Up the World over Ukraine?

Jan 18 – Tue – Clear CDC Proof the Covid Vaxx has Killed and Injured more People in one Year than the combined total of All Vaccines in History!

Jan 17 – Mon – Dr Duke and Dr Slattery prove the Jewish Pfizer – Jewish CDC/FDA & Pharma – Jewish Media Lies surrounding the Deadly Covid Vaxx!

Jan 14 – Fri – Dr Duke and Mark Collett of UK – Scientists prove that Covid Vaxxed have twice the risk of getting infected and spreading Covid than the unvaxxed!

Jan 13 – Thur- Dr Duke & Paul Stevenson of UK – Expose Zionist AntiChrist Hatred. Anyone who calls himself a “Christian Zionist” is actually “AntiChrist” & Anti-Christian!”

Jan 12 – Wed – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery — The latest on the Jewish Covid Con & Tucker forces Cruz to destroy FBI lies about Jan 6


Jan 11 – Tue – Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock on the moronic Omicron Coronavirus – As deadly the common cold! But far less deadly than the Vaxx! & Doctors stopped from curing Whites!

Jan 10 – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – The wisdom of Solzhenitsyn & why he is so vital to understanding the JQ !

Jan 7 – Dr Duke & Mark Collet of UK on Corrupt Zio influence over UK Gov & Exposing more Kosher Covid Lies!

Jan 6 – Dr Duke & Paul Stevenson of UK blast Shabbos goy Biden’s Jan 6 Insurrection Day Big Lies! PLUS last 2 Shows!

Jan 5 – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Leibowitz (Jon Stewart) “You own Nothing, Goyim!” & Jew Stereotypes are True! Silicon CEO fired for saying the vax is Jewish led genocide! ! 

Jan 4 – Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock prove that “Covid” lies and panic are being used by the Jewish global elite to do the evil Great Reset ! 

Jan 3 – Dr Duke & Patrick Slattery totally destroy the Jweish Covid Con Job!

Dec 31 – Dr Duke & Mark Collett – Goodbye 2021! Goodluck in 2022 in the Deepening Zionist Dictatorship! & Gislaine Found Guilty but Not a Word that She, Her Father, Epstein – All Jewish Mossad Agents! 

Here also is a link of Mark Collett’s latest video at Odysee with a recording of an interview he did with a leading publication that exposes their deceptions. It is very powerful.   https://odysee.com/@MarkCollett:6/20211015—Interview-with-a-Times-Journalist:b Note from staff: Trump on CNN’s Larry King Show in 1991 discussed David Duke getting 55 percent of the White vote. Trump said David Duke is going to get a lot of votes if he runs for President! He knew then that Duke’s platform was a a winning platform. Trump great failing is not to take on the Jewish power structure. He could have educated the world on the greatest threat to White people and all people in the world: Jewish Globalism. Trump has to know his destroyers who impeached him and savaged him and had a Jew D’ tat takeover of the government were completely led by the Jewish media and Jewish members of Congress such as Schiff, Nadler, Engel as well as Schumer in the Senate and every part of impeachment was Jews. But he keeps giving them lip service which is exactly the wrong thing to do. We cannot defeat these destroyers unless we educate the people who the real supremacist and ultimate racists are : the Jewish supremacists who are leading America and the world to disaster! here’s some links”


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