Why White Americans are twice as likely to remain childless as 30 years ago

White Population Decline is the Result of a Destructive Feedback Loop

By James Buchanan EURO

A recent article by the National Policy Institute reports that “Childless US women (are) increasing at an alarming rate… The present study has found a strong difference between different ethnic groups. Figures show that Hispanic women between 40 to 44 years have an average of 2.6 children compared to a national average of 1.9 children. Nearly one-fourth of non-Hispanic women namely white are childless…”

There’s a very solid reason for the decline in the White birth rate. Our government and big corporations continue to change laws and policies, making life WORSE for any White people, who want to raise a family. The result is a decline in the number of White children. Liberal politicians and big corporations then panic at the thought of having fewer wage slaves –er citizens, so they open up immigration from the Third World even more, making living conditions even worse for Whites in the US, which means even fewer White children as a “Destructive Feedback Loop” is created. The Third Worlders of course don’t mind the overcrowding which is natural for them, having arrived recently from Mexico City, Calcutta or Bombay.

Intelligent races tend to put off having children during difficult times. During the Great Depression and World War Two, Americans had fewer children because the future was uncertain and because job prospects were few and far between, making it difficult to support a family.

After World War Two the US enjoyed twenty years of relative prosperity and stability. The result was the “Baby Boom” in which the White population of America actually increased as millions of people saw the future as bright and hopeful. The US government mass-deported illegal alien Mexicans in the 1950s, which reassured people that the US would stay a White nation and a fit place for Whites to raise a White family.

The “Baby Boom” happened because:

1).The world seemed a safer place since World War Two and the Great Depression were over.

2).Government funding of new technology during the war had created a variety of new inventions, new products and lots of new jobs.

3).Housing was very affordable.

4). Whites made up 90 percent of America back then.

5). There was NO busing. White people could send their White kids to good quality public schools in their neighborhood without fear of Black kids beating them up or knifing them. The public schools also provided a decent, moral environment (free of the liberal atheism, pro-Gay propaganda and condom-distributions of today).

6). The US had plenty of manufacturing and factory jobs (since these had not been outsourced yet).

7). In the ’50s, President Eisenhower did a mass deportation of Mexicans because politicians back then actually made an effort to keep out Third World poor.

8). If you raised a family of White children, you had every expectation that your grandchildren would be White.

The Baby Boom lasted from 1945 through the early 1960s. Since then, there has been a steady decline in the White birth rate. This decline is no accident. It corresponds very closely with a series of liberal legislation which has been extremely detrimental to the White race.

The first piece of treason was Ted Kennedy’s immigration reform bill in 1965, which began the Third World invasion of America. Shortly after that, Marxist federal judges ordered that all public schools should be racially mixed, so a local public school that was previously all-White was suddenly invaded by hundreds of violent, lower IQ Black children. For a while, many public schools “sort of” worked. The Black children were mostly placed in “remedial” classes where their constant talking and limited ability to understand the lessons would not make learning impossible for Whites. A number of violent assaults by Blacks on White students would regularly occur in the newly mixed schools, but the Jewish news media would censor out events like this so that public outrage would not build. Eventually, a flood of Latino children destroyed what little functionality the public schools still had. White people had to home school their kids or cough up as much as $15,000 per child per year for private schools. White people could of course try to send their children into a heavily non-White public school that was about as safe as entering a wood chipper.

The next piece of treason was Affirmative Action and racial quotas. Starting in the 1970s White people were suddenly second class citizens when it came to college entry, jobs and promotions. Millions of jobs have been stolen by less qualified Blacks from better qualified Whites in the largest theft of income and wealth in the history of the Western world. Jewish social activists were 100 percent responsible for these treasonous, anti-White policies which no doubt have the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves. Apparently no one except White Nationalists (and very few others) point out the enormous injustice of discriminating against millions of White people every year based solely on their race. This failure to allow the best and most creative people to have key jobs in industry and the continued presence of unqualified Blacks and Latinos in every job profession has no doubt done tremendous harm to US productivity and put us at a disadvantage when competing with European and Japanese companies that do not sabotage their corporations with Black and Latino quota-hires.

Simultaneous with increased Third World immigration and racial quotas, housing prices gradually climbed as cities became more and more crowded with illegal aliens until buying a house in a good neighborhood became virtually impossible for working class Americans and a major undertaking for well-paid college graduates. Our politicians apparently couldn’t care less about this invasion and keep the Border Patrol understaffed and neutered so that big corporations have an endless supply of cheap illegal alien labor.

All these negative developments along with cut throat corporate outsourcing have created an environment that is hostile toward any young White couples who want to raise a family. The first reaction for many is to put off having children until they’re in their late 30s and financially more stable. Unfortunately the price of housing keeps going up and job security keeps declining. Many White people decide that they will never have enough financial security to raise a family. They see societal conditions getting worse on a yearly basis. Freeways are clogged for much of the day thanks to millions of Third World immigrants. More brown faces keep appearing at Microsoft, Google and Boeing as corporate CEOs and executives fanatically import more Pakis and Hindus to replace White technical labor.

On top of all this, race-mixing continues to get worse. What’s the point in having a White family if the Jewish media is going to brainwash your children into interbreeding with Third World races –thus ending hundreds of thousands of years of White racial heritage? Do you really want to baby-sit racially mixed grandchildren, who will in all probability become gang members by age 13?

The one light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that people are getting sick and tired of a world in which everything gets worse for them. Many White people are asking questions about why everything in our government has gone so strongly against the interests of Whites. The inevitable answer is that Jewish influence combined with soulless corporate baron robbers have actively destroyed what-used-to-be a great White nation. They’ve opened the flood gates to the Third World. They’ve encouraged government-mandated racial discrimination against Whites, euphemistically called “Affirmative Action.”

The sooner White people wake up to the problem of Jewish control of our news media and government, the sooner we can start reclaiming our government and our nation for our people, and stop the transformation of our home into a Third World Babylon.
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