Why the Jewish Establishment Hates Donald Trump
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Why the Jewish Establishment Hates Donald Trump

Why the Jewish Establishment Hates Donald Trump

The 98 percent non-Jewish population of the United States of America has been so beaten down by Jewish supremacy in media that many are resigned to defeat.

Their power is so manifest that the ultimate racial/tribal supremacists on Earth hardly even feel the need to hide it.

It’s easy to understand why people aware of Jewish power are often defeatist. They see ubiquitous Jewish racist power in the American and Globalist media, their hegemony over the Federal Reserve Bank over the last three decades, their globalist banking giants such as Goldman Sachs and George Soros, and their unassailable power in political fundraising and party machinery, which in great part comes from those same thieves of Globalist finance.

Frankly, they have breathtaking, legendary power.

But, as I have said for years, in great part their power is illusionary. It is based almost entirely on illusion, public relations, media manipulation and political bribery and subversion. Because collectively, we are far stronger if we just feel our musculature, our will, and our history of victories.

It is a gigantic and impressive house of cards. Yet, it is one that can crumble in an historical instant.

That’s why they fear Donald Trump.


Everyone who has their eyes open knows that the Trump phenomenon — Trump winning the Presidency — has changed everything. Because of the Jewish elite’s hatred for Donald Trump from every point of their power, people have become aware of their power.

Republicans have learned that Jewish Neocons are not “conservatives” at all but simply the Republican version of the Trotskyite cultural Marxists they once were. The Progressives have learned that the Democrats are not the champion of the working man, but his mortal enemy, that the Jewish Zionists who control Obama and the whole Democratic Party are the enemy of world peace and true human rights.

Liberals who still have a modicum of intelligence are now forced to see that the capitalist criminal exploiters they have railed against for years are the same Jewish tribalists that control the FED, the media and the corporate enemies of every higher human moral value.

Who knows where Donald Trump will take America, but he has already taken us a long way on the road to awakening our spirit. His politics have some small portions of non-European support, but White people now are starting to wake up to the fact that just as other people — Blacks, Mexicans, and the Jewish establishment that rules us — have their own interests, we must also stand up for our interests and values.

There is a small part of the Jewish establishment that knows that they should not burn their bridges to Donald Trump as he becomes President. They couldn’t beat him on the political battlefield, so now they engage in what they do best: to infiltrate and subvert.

Time will tell how Donald Trump responds to all this.

But we are the on the way and will respond by exposing the real supremacism, the real hatred that rules America and leads our people and nation to disaster.

The issues upon which Donald Trump won the Presidency were at the core OUR issues. May I be so bold as to say MY issues — minus, of course, the KKK Karicature label the ZioMedia brands me with. Watch my Republican Presidential Super Tuesday Speech from 24 years ago on Youtube, and you will see a man actually more soft spoken than Donald Trump, but with the ideas just as strong as Donald Trump.

Then though, I was before my time.

Now, the principles I have championed are now debated, though I am not allowed into the debate uncensored.

But, I don’t care anything about my personal legacy.

The only thing I care about is the legacy of my ideas and the truths I have dared to fight for my entire life, without fear, and without retreat.

We are winning and will fight until victory!