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Why Dr. Duke both loves and hates Ann Coulter’s New Book! Listen to today’s on-fire broadcast!

Today Dr. Duke had a powerful and passionate show focused on the new book by Ann Coulter on immigration. While the book makes the important point that the immigration problem is an existential one and is not simply limited to illegal immigration, it falsely blames liberals for creating the problem and diverts all blame from the true culprits, the Jewish supremacists.


Dr. Duke documented the actual history of the passage of the 1965 immigration law that transformed our country from a largely homogeneous nation into a multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-lingual society. He also spelled out the motivations of Jewish leaders, who were bent on dividing the country and preventing any cohesive ethnic solidarity from developing in the white majority.

Then he brought on Dr. Slattery and they discussed how any efforts to fix a problem that purposely ignore the cause of the problem are bound to fail. This is an eye-opening  show that you must share with your friends and family.

Click here and look for the show dated 6-4-15.

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