It May Come as a Shock, But a High Saturated Fat Diet Can Be Healthy and Safe!

Contrary to the propaganda put out by the food industry a high fat diet is healthy and safe—and it works, a new article on one of the world’s leading health websites has revealed.

Titled “Top 7 Most Common Reactions to Your High-Fat Diet (and How to Respond)” and written by Dr Mark Sissons, as on his highly recommended site Mark’s Daily Apple, the article deals with answers to the most commonly-heard objections to a diet which excludes grains but includes fats.

The article answers questions such as “Isn’t all that fat gonna glom onto your arteries?” and “Isn’t all that cholesterol gonna raise your cholesterol?” and of course, “Isn’t all that fat gonna make you fat?” (amongst others).

Certain fats, like egg yolks, palm oil, extra virgin olive oil, cod liver oil, and grass-fed butter, are some of the most nutritious foods in existence. And without fat in your meals, you often won’t absorb all the nutrients that are present in other foods like leafy greens, since many of them require fat for full absorption.

Read the entire article here.