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Who Were the First Humans in the Americas?

Who Were the First Humans in the Americas? Anthropology, Archaeology, DNA and Biology Gives an Answer!

Two recent articles in major newspapers show the groundbreaking anthropology, archeology, DNA Biology that definitively proves that Europeans, not Asian “Native Americans” were the first human inhabitants of the Americas. The latest and copious scientific and historical evidence is that Europeans arrived in North America about 10,000 years before Asian “Indians” came.

The logical assumption is that the Indian arrivals ethnically cleansed the European population and completely subsumed it, with only traces left, but there is clear, ages-old DNA evidence of European genes in the genome of some Indian tribes. Because the presence of certain genes can be dated, the European genes are found to be much older than the Asian genes in the specimens found.

In contrast to the practically complete ethnic genocide of Europeans by the Asian invaders thousands of years after the Europeans settled America, the later European migrations and societies created in the Americas have consciously sought to preserve  and celebrate Indian heritage and viability.

In spite of this contrasting behavior, the Zionist-run Globalist establishment has relentlessly instilled self-guilt into Europeans for their ethnic migrations to the Americas. They have repeatedly, and racistly argued that Europeans in comparison with other races are somehow uniquely oppressive or evil.

Why did the Zionist-Marxist cultural establishment do this? It was because the world’s most supremacist tribe  wanted to conquer and grab the reigns of America, and to do so they needed to weaken any sense of group loyalty and collective solidarity among the European establishment — so they could move in and have their tribe take over the the media, finance and politics of America. What better way to do that than to make Europeans feel guilty about their own heritage and even turn some Europeans to aid the new invaders of their society and culture.

The truth is that Europeans should not hate or resent Indians for their mass migration and conquest of America. Certainly, Indians should have no guilt for behaviors of their ancestors in migrating and conquering America. Such has been engaged in by every race in world history at one time or another.

The truth is that Europeans should treat Indians respectfully as we should be treated respectfully by other races. This being said, we must now develop an ethic today that clearly says that every heritage has the right to be preserved, to celebrate its own uniqueness and enhance its own unique culture and values. That we must move forward by not making the same mistakes of the past. We must avoid the conflict and human rights suppression that accompanies imperialism and and the new Zionist imperialism called globalism.

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