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White People Discovered in Michigan

White People Discovered in Michigan:
Professor Organizes Emergency Workshop

By Dave Cooper

The Grand Rapids Press reports that, according to 2000 Census data, of the 4,013 people living in the city of Lowell, Michigan, 97.5 percent are White. Worse, of the 5,219 people living in nearby Lowell Township, 98 percent are White.

As if that weren’t bad enough, 96 percent of the students and 99 percent of the teachers are also White!

The report made no mention of student achievement scores in Lowell but it’s safe to assume that without the benefits Diversity brings to education, White students are probably struggling to master the basic skills such as English and mathematics.

The report also failed to mention crime statistics in Lowell, but again, without the benefits that Diversity brings to a community…

What’s the Government doing to help?

Well not very much, apparently. So far there are no reports of Hmong tribes being airlifted to Lowell. Nor Somalis. Not even a single Mestizo caravan in sight to help out. It would seem the Government has abandoned Lowell to deal with its Whiteness all by itself.

So what can Lowell do about this White Blight and its sure to follow “racism”?

“Plenty”, says John Lee, director of Michigan State University’s multiethnic counseling center, who spoke to about two dozen community leaders who gathered at a five hour diversity workshop titled, “The Role of White People in Combating Racism.”

“White people can combat racism by confronting it,” Lee said, “by refusing to revert to stereotyping and challenging others when they do.” He said they can also recognize and work to change institutional policies and procedures that segregate races, such as in education, health, real estate and laws.

“Children of other races should see more teachers who aren’t white and all children should be given the opportunity to interact with others from diverse ethnic backgrounds,” he said.

The Grand Rapids Press also reported that Lowell teachers and staff were to attend a similar presentation – “We want to prepare our students for the broader world and help them understand and appreciate diversity,” Superintendent Shari Miller said.

Translation: they want to “cure our children of Whiteness” and prepare them to work as serfs on the Global Corporate Plantation.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how reading scores improve and crime statistics plummet as Lowell slowly but surely cures its Whiteness problem.