Watch Dr. Norman Finkelstein blast apart the "Holocaust Industry"

screenhunter_17.jpgWatch Dr. Norman Finkelstein blast apart the “Holocaust Industry”

Take a look at the appearance of Dr. Norman Finkelstein on a Canadian TV talkshow. When you finish watching the program you will learn why and how the Jewish extremist supporters of Israel have used the Holocaust story as a weapon to enable the crimes of the Zionists against the Palestinians and to extort billions of dollars for the Zionist cause. Both of Dr. Finkelstein’s Jewish parents were survivors of Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War, so it is particularly difficult to label him with the “anti-Semitic” canard. His scholarship and sincerity are very apparent in this interview as well as in his excellent books and papers on this controversial subject. Once you see this interview you will realize why Jewish supremacists are desperate to lock up, discredit, or silence Holocaust questioners around the world. Dr. Finkelstein says that once one becomes aware of the lies and outright fraud associated with the Holocaust Industry, it is surprising their aren’t more questioners.