Walt Disney is now Walt Jewsey & Openly wants your kids to be Queer & Hunter Biden’s Jewish Bioweapons!
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Walt Disney is now Walt Jewsey & Openly wants your kids to be Queer & Hunter Biden’s Jewish Bioweapons!

March 31 – Thur – Walt Disney transjewified to Walt Jewsey & Openly wants your kids to be Queer & Hunter Biden’s Jewish Meta-Bioweapons!

March 30 – Wed – Dr Duke & Slattery – Overwhelming Jewish supremacy in Gov’t-Media & Banking Leading us and the world to tyranny, war and destruction!!

March 29 – Tue – Dr. Duke & Michael Hill – On War and Politics – How to Win the Revolution Against Global Jewish Supremacy!

Monday – Duke & Slattery- Why do Jews so hate Putin and Russia? UKr President JewLensky orders Azov White Nationalists be sacrificed in Mariupol on altar of Jewish Global Supremacy!?

March 25 – Fri – Duke & Collett – Why is Christian Russia so viciously Hated by the Jewish Global Tyrants & Media than any other Nation? 

March 24 – Thur – Top Story: The Devil in Human Form, Madeline Albright Dies! Goes Straight to Hell & Media Cries!

March 23 – Wed – Ketanji Supreme Court Clown Show: Proof that USA Gov IS a genocidal racist ANTI-WHITE Tyranny dedicated to destroying White people in America & in every White nation!

March 22 – Tue -Dr. Duke – ZIOlensky Bans Political Foes, forbids Freedom – Demands Total Jewish Dictatorship in Ukraine: War & Total Genocide of Ukrainian people for Zion

March 21  Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Some goyim are so stupid as to think Zelensky likes Nazis! Yeah, He Likes to see them die along with thousands of non-Jewish Ukrainians in an idiotic war! (show starts with a quick glitch then continues)



March 18  Fri – Mark Collett and Dr Duke make an urgent call to White nationalists to not to die for Global Jewish Supremacy in this Jewish-created war!

March 17  Thur – Dr Duke & Paul Stevenson – Duke Gives Zelensky Speech if he told the Real Truth! Save this one Forever!

March 16 Wed – Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – Super Jew Zelensky speaks to Congress – What he really is thinking!

March 15 Tue – Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock – War in Ukraine: The Latest in hundreds of years of Jewish War against the RUSsian people: Kievan Rus, RUSsia and BelaRUS!

March 14 – Mon – Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – Who Really has Caused this War? It is Not the Russians, it is Jewish Global Supremacy! 

March 11 – Fri  – Dr Duke & Mark Collett – Jewish Facebook says its perfectly fine to advocate murdering Russians

March 10 – Thur – Dr Duke & Paul Stevenson – The outrageous, evil,  ZioGloboHomo media monsters who actually want a bigger, longer, more deadly war & destruction of Ukraine and of Russia

March 9 – Wed –

Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – All About ZioNATO the ZOG of the Jew-SA in its War Against European Mankind and all Human Freedom!

March 8 – Tue – Andy Hitchcock interviews former Ukrainian academic, Dr David Duke! – Did Russia Really Want this War? Or Was it Instigated by Jewish Global Supremacy?!

March 7- Mon – Duke Show – Ukrainian Writer says Bolshevik Jews murdered 11 million of us, hate White Ukrainian and Russian Christians, & want us to kill each other for Jewish Supremacy!