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Violent Antifa taught a lesson as Americans fight back against #Jewd’état

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery — The Antifa, which is pretty clearly organized and funded by dark George Soros-type backers, has emerged (along with the Soros-backed Black Lives Matters) as America’s top domestic terrorism group. However, regular Americans are getting sick of them, and today they were roundly defeated when they attacked a pro-free speech rally at Berkeley today.

Regular Americans are feeling particularly exasperated after having won a presidential election, only to have it nullified in the April 6 Jewish coup d’état (or #Jewd’état). The question is: will the American victory for free speech at Berkeley translated into the freedom to call out the Jewish takeover of the Trump administration? The situation is fluid, and only time will tell.

Please watch the videos below.


For a fuller video account of the events, check out Tim Pool’s podcast: