Uproar over UK Exam: “Why are Some People Prejudiced against Jews”

A minor uproar in Britain over a recent school exam question which asked students to explain why “some people are prejudiced against Jews” is nothing but carefully disguised pro-Jewish propaganda, and not reflective of anything else.

The question, posed in a UK “GCSE” religious studies exam, read as follows: “Explain, briefly, why some people are prejudiced against Jews.”

Jewish Supremacists in Britain were quick to condemn the question. Jon Benjamin, chief executive of the Board of Deputies, said that it “was unacceptable and has nothing whatsoever to do with Jews or Judaism.  We will be taking it up with the examination board and it seems to me that it is also something to raise with the Department of Education, with which we are meeting anyway to discuss anti-Semitism in schools.”

The Zionist-controlled media took up the story, and “translated” the question with headlines such as “Pupils asked ‘why do some people hate Jews?‘ in GCSE exam” –although the word “hate” never appeared in the original question.

Far from being “anti-Semitic”, however, the question is designed to be pro-Jewish.

The answer which the students had been taught was that anti-Semitism is some bizarre irrational blind prejudice.

You can’t win with the Jewish extremists. I f they brainwash people that there is no danger from Jewish extremism and Jewish Supremacism, the Jews raise hell about anti-Semitism simply for questions they have  programmed young people to answer correctly.

The question—and the resultant media publicity—is little more than yet another dose of the “evils” of anti-Semitism even from a program meant to make children embrace and defend the Jewish people as an entity.

The rational and non anti-Semitic answer to the question is that anti-Semitism is the result of the actions of the Jewish extremists and Zionists, who control the Jewish community.

Their actions, which include prominent Jewish criminal endeavors in finance and societal degeneration in the media, cause people to be left with a negative impression of the Jewish people as a whole.

This is compounded by the enormous crimes of Zionist Israel against the Palestinian people and the blatant lobbying by Jewish pressure groups for horrific wars against their perceived enemies such as Iraq and now Iran.

The real answer to the question is therefore not, as the Jewish Supremacists like to say, an “irrational prejudice,” but actually the actions and activities of the Jewish Supremacists themselves.