Top Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis: ‘Getting Close to Gentiles is a Sore Evil”

rabbi-conferenceTwo of the most senior rabbis in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Europe have said that “getting close to Gentiles is a sore evil” for Jews and that God has ordered them to be apart to prevent mixed marriages.

The astonishing remarks were contained in a letter sent by rabbis Shteinman and Kanievsky to the participants of the Conference of European Rabbis, who are meeting in Belgrade this week, were described as a “highlight” of the event by the Israeli news service Ynet News.

The two rabbis wrote that “getting close to gentiles is a sore evil, as we learn from their acts and – God forbid – eventually assimilate between them. When they get close, God separates between them by increasing the nations’ hatred.”

The rabbis said that polarization between the Jewish people and other nations is created by God in order to prevent mixed marriages, the Ynet News service said.,

The two haredi leaders called on the other rabbis attending the conference to “Stress these issues in order to distinguish between the Jewish people and the world’s nations.”

These remarks were one of the “highlights” of the conference, according to the Israeli news service, which described it this way: “The letter was read to the conference participants by its president, Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, in one of the highlights of the Conference of European Rabbis, who view it as a personal guidance for dealing with Jews’ situation in the continent in light of the restrictions imposed on ritual slaughter and circumcision by the authorities and the increasing acts of anti-Semitism among the local population.”

Could any reader imagine a “religion” anywhere else in the world that would preach that it is “evil” to get too close to anyone else, and then say that God creates hatred in order to prevent mixed marriages?

Any Christian priest or Muslim Imam who said such a thing would be hounded by the Jewish Supremacist-controlled media as a “bigot” or a “racist,” but the top leadership of Judaism gets a special exemption: they can say, act on and believe in the most outrageous anti-Gentile behavior without fear that the media will even report on it, much less criticize.

The remarks show once again that Jewish Supremacists do indeed regard non-Jews as inferior and with hatred: Jewish Supremacism remains the most virulent form of racism on the planet.