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Today Dr. Duke and Pastor Mark Dankof on the Necons Who Should Be Called – Neo-Communists!

Dr. Duke has a great show today that goes into the shocking facts proving the Zionist promotion of the rise of al Qaeda in their efforts to create chaos in Russia and their return to power there. Thwarted to a degree by Putin, he shows how Zionists in America are completely responsible for the rise of ISIS which was means to destroy their enemy Syria.

Al Qaeda in syria bergen cnnPastor Dankof joins Dr. Duke and they discuss how Israel and the Zionists benefit from the ISIS terrorism against Europe and America and how they manipulate us through that external threat. A powerful sow that you should share with your friends and family!

The information in the show contains the precious seeds of liberation and freedom. Please spread it far and wide.

Click here and look for the show dated 4-14-15.

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