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Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery Disprove the Notion of Jewish Intellectual Superiority!

Gentile Jewish Phi Beta Kapa recipents HarvardToday Dr. Duke and Patrick Slattery continue the discussion of yesterday with Dr. MacDonald.

Today’s show proves Jewish inferior academic performance at Harvard in relation to Whites and Asians!

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Dr. David Duke is joined by Dr. Patrick Slattery on the eve of Passover, the Jewish celebration of the genocide of the first born of their enemies. They go into the Jewish ethnic discrimination and show that the Zio media image of Jews as being both smarter and harder working than European Americans is a myth. One way to disprove this myth is by the university sought after by the most elite of Jewish students: Harvard where they consititute 25 percent of the student body. First of all they are favored for admission at 15 to 1 over better qualified European American students. Second, the European American students at Harvard who are actually fewer in number than Jews, have five times, 500 percent more Phi Beta Kappa percent student ultimate achievers who are Jews. 54 percent Whites as compared to only 11 percent for Jews.

Phi Beta Kappa is composed of the 10 percent highest level of University Graduates by grade point average (minimum 3.75 GPA), a vigrous arts and sciences cirriculum, foreign language and math proficiency.

No wonder that Europeans were the founders of every Ivy League university and the major disciplines studies studied there and in the European World. Miserable Phi Beta Kappa representation clearly shows not Jewish superiority but that Jews actually don’t work harder and don’t have the breadth of talent of their Gentile competitors. It is simply a myth promoted by the Zio media.  It also shows how millions of brilliant European Americans, Asians and others have been horrifically racistly repressed and and discriminated against by the Jewish Supremacists.

Jewish dominance is not a result of hard work or greater intelligence, it is a result of hyper-racism and deception!