Dr Duke & Dr Slattery Expose a Conspiracy Theory that is fact! It is a Jewpeachment of Donald Trump!
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Dr Duke & Dr Slattery Expose a Conspiracy Theory that is fact! It is a Jewpeachment of Donald Trump!


Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discuss all the Jews who were engaged in the successful Jew d’etat of Donald Trump. Here is a partial list:

Never Trump (Signed open letters against Trump in the National Review or New York Times)
David Boaz
Mona Charen (Columnist)
Mark Helprin (became an Israeli citizen during the late 1970s. He served in the Israeli infantry and the Israeli Air Force.)
William Kristol
Yuval Levin
Michael Medved (Talk radio guy)
Michael Mukasey (Bush Attorney General)
John Podhoretz
Michael Chertoff, the former secretary of homeland security;
Eric S. Edelman, a top aide to former Vice President Dick Cheney
Dov S. Zakheim, a senior Pentagon official (Lost billions of cash sent ti Iraq, etc.)

Ben Shapiro
David Brooks

Russia Hoax/Meuller Probe
Rod Rosenstein
Lawyer staff:
Andrew Weissmann
Aaron Zelinsky, (a former clerk for the Israel Supreme Court)
Andrew Goldstein

Victoria Nuland

First Impeachment (Ukariane)
Lawyer witnesses:
Noah Feldman
Pamela Karlan
Michael Gerhardt

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman
Amb. Marie Yovanovich
Amb. Gordan Sondland

Adam Shiff
Gerald Nadler

Chuck Schumer

Once you understand that Trump is still the real president, then you understand that the impeachment is totally constitutional. You got that, goy?

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