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Thousands of Italians March against the Mafia

Thousands of Italians March against the Mafia While Jewish Groups and Media Cover Up Jewish Criminals

Recently in Italy, thousands of Italians marched against the Mafia demanding an even harder crackdown on the nefarious organization.

Every Italian civic organization in America and all over the world has denounced the Mafia and condemned any Italians who participate in it.

Consider the Italian response to organized crime as compared to the response of Jewish organizations such as the ADL which is supposedly the leading Jewish organization to defend Jews from defamation and “quote defend human rights.” In fact, the ADL has received millions of dollars from Jewish organized crime kingpins such as the murdering mobster Moe Dahlitz, who subsequently was awarded the “Torch of Liberty Award.” Does the ADL or any organization condemn the overwhelming Jewish domination of world-wide organized crime, such as the most powerful and dangerous criminal organization in the world, the so-called Russian Mafia? Even the name “Russian Mafia” is one big lie. These crime gangs are not Russians and they are not Mafia, they are overwhelmingly Jewish.

Watch my new video, Israel, Promised Land for Organized Crime and see the ugly truth about organized crime the controlled media has hidden from you! — Dr. David Duke