Human Diversity

There is no escape!

There is no Escape!

By David Duke
European-American Unity and Rights Organization, National President

There is no escape from the terror of the future.

You can run away for a while.

But the terror will catch up to you.

It will destroy you and everything you love.

No, I am not talking about a new Hollywood horror movie. I am talking about America. America is changing from the land of our forefathers to a place where we are no longer at home in spirit, and where our families are no longer safe in their own homes.

New Orleans has become increasingly like Haiti since the 1960’s Civil Rights movement integrated the schools. Since then, White civil rights have steadily disappeared.

First the schools deteriorated into cesspools of violence, drugs, ignorance, barbarity and venereal disease. Blacks always had access to public schools, but now, almost all Whites were driven from them. They went from a majority, to less than four percent today. Whites were driven from the buses and streetcars. In the buses where Blacks once rode in the back, now Whites dare not ride at all! To do so is just too dangerous. Friendly and tidy White neighborhoods discovered the true joys of forced racial integration: junk cars, prostitutes and drug dealers on the streets. The only Whites remaining in many neighborhoods fearfully live now behind bars in homes that have become reverse jails meant to keep the criminals out.

Police sketch of the Black murderer of a White 25 year-old mother of four.

Black political power transformed New Orleans into a corrupt Black banana republic. Taxes went up, services went down. The condition of the streets wrecks the cars. Housing projects are so strewn with trash they look as though they belong in a Third World Country. Rape, murder and robbery are daily occurrences in the same city where I could once walk anywhere as a child. Of course, traditional American values and culture are gone now also. America founding fathers names such as George Washington’s are removed from schools by the Black school board because he is, “an immoral example for the children.” Kwanzaa, a Black pagan celebration, has replaced Christmas celebrations in schools.

For the last forty years, Whites have steadily fled the city of New Orleans. They left thousands of the beautiful and stately homes; many of the beautiful, oak-lined boulevards; and the intangible history and charm of what was once America’s most romantic city. Now its old charm can only be found in a few heavily policed areas that the tourists visit or where the very richest live. Yet, frequently a tourist will veer from the protected areas and find themselves robbed, raped, or murdered by denizens that would be more at home in the most primitive tribes of Africa.

The White refugees first fled mostly to Jefferson Parish, a White redoubt where they could regain the semblance of a normal life. But, then, Jefferson began its demographic darkening, so the Whites again packed up their belongings once more and moved even further away. Some ended up across Lake Ponchartrain, willing to drive three hours a day to get to and from work, all so their families would be safe.

Some even pretended that they came to North Shore for the trees. But they certainly didn’t move to the now Black areas in New Orleans where flourish live oaks, some of the most magnificent and beautiful trees in the world. Most of the new North Shore residents knew, at least somewhere deep inside, why they fled and why they came to the area where I now live. I was candid about my choice of Mandeville. I like the demographics. I like being among my own kind, living in the kind of clean and beautiful environment our people create. In the last election for U.S. Congress, I warned my neighbors on the North Shore. I told them that conditions of New Orleans would eventually come to them unless a great political change happened in America. A week ago, a graphic example of what I had warned them about, occurred.

Samantha Jaume, shot dead in front of her children by a Black Attacker.

Just a mile from where I live and work, in a subdivision called Woodridge, a beautiful 25-year-old mother of four, Samantha Jaume, was brutally murdered in her home by a Black intruder who had followed her home from a shopping center. He apparently wanted to steal her new vehicle. The quick thinking of her seven-year-old son, Jason, almost saved his mother and probably prevented the murder of his sisters and himself. He hid himself under a desk and called the police.

Samantha lost all of her civil rights including her right to live. Her husband’s civil rights were also violated, and her four children suffered loss of their Civil Rights more than any Black person in the 1960’s who had to use separate water fountains. This family lost wife and mother for the rest of their lives. If you want to know the true cost of integration, it is White lives. If Mandeville were truly the White area so many seek, Samantha would still be alive. Do we dare to discuss the other hundreds of victims who have suffered a similar fate over the years on the North Shore? Or the millions of White victims of Black crime across America. And, it can only get worse. When the North Shore population goes the way of New Orleans, Jefferson, and of the new America of the 21st century, the loss of Samantha will be replayed so many times that Whites will become refugees once more. But, where will they go? Massive non-white immigration, differential birthrates, and intermarriage will make our people a rapidly shrinking minority. Our racial enemies will not stop their darkening of America until there is no refuge for our people, only annihilation.

This is no movie. This is real life. There is no escape from the coming terror. It is time we turn around and fight. We must wrest control of our political system from those who would obliterate our people. It is too late for Mrs. Samantha Jaume, but not too late for her children, and for our children if we begin our road back today. My life is consecrated to that task. How about yours?