The value of Chuck Hagel’s appointment


By Dr. Patrick Slattery — After month of wrangling, Chuck Hagel is finally settling into his position as Secretary of Defense. What are we to make of the massive Zionist onslaught against his nomination that ultimately failed to keep him out of the Pentagon. Does this mean that the Zionists have lost their grip on power and this is the begining of the end of their reign? Or does it mean that Hagel is actually just another puppet and the whole bruhaha was orchestrated?

I think the truth lies somewhere in between. I think that both the nomination controversy and Hagel’s ultimate confirmation were small victories for those of us alarmed at Zionist control over our society. I think that Hagel’s nomination represented a timid and fleeting show of independence by President Obama. And I think that Obama’s Zionist backers decided that it was less damaging to Jewish interest that they let this transgression go unpunished for the time being rather than call attention to their awesome power by wielding it publicly.

Why do I think that Obama would dare show independence from the Zionist powers that put him in office? It is true that Obama sailed to office in 2008 on an ocean of Jewish money. He dutifully appointed Jews to important posts to insure their continued hegemony over financial and foreign policy. For the most part, Obama did the Zionists bidding, from Libya to the bank bailouts. However, for all his saber rattling, he dragged his feet on actually attacking Iran. For this crime, many wealthy Jews took their money and backed Mitt Romney, who did everything but sign an oath in blood to let the Zionists know he was ready to let the missiles fly. Still, enough Jewish money stuck with Obama that he could outspend Romney, and he was re-elected.

I think that Obama probably would have just let bygones be bygones, but the same cannot be said of John McCain and Linsey Graham, the Israel Lobby’s five-dollar whores in the Senate. (By the way, if you have not seen the un-aired Saturday Night Live spoof of McCain and company gushing their love for Israel, please do. You’ll understand why the Jewish-run network had to ax this sketch after dress rehersal.) McCain and Graham, who have been leading the rush to War with Iran in the Congress, jumped on Obama first choice as Secretary of State, Susan Rice, in order to inflict maximum political damage on the Obama administration over its handling of the Benghazi incident. Rice was forced to withdraw her name from consideration, and I think this angered the normally timid president. In Rice’s place, he nominated the half-Jewish John Kerry — as kosher a nomination as their ever was. However, Kerry had already been slated for the Pentagon, so Obama now had to look for a new Defense Secretary. That is where Hagel came in.

I think Obama knows how disastrous a war with Iran would be, but is too spineless to stand up to the to the Zionist powers on his own. In Hagel, I think he sees someone who might be able to hold off the Zionist war mongerers. And so, miffed at having Rice trashed by McCain and Graham, Obama was emboldened to save his presidency from disaster by appointing someone perhaps capable of withstanding Jewish Lobby pressure for war with Iran.

In conclusion, I don’t see Hagel as representing an end to Obama being a Zionist puppet. We are getting a new Jewish Treasury Secretary and Jewish supremacists will continue to run the Fed. Even in foreign policy the U.S. will continue to foment civil war in Syria, look for new wars in places like Mali, kill Zionist’s enemies and random civilians alike with drone strikes, pour tax money into the Jewish supremacist state of Israel, and indefinitely imprison and torture those who would resist Jewish supremacy. But, I do think we are less likely to see a war with Iran, and there is real value in that. Moreover, the controversy over Hagel’s remark about a “Jewish lobby,” including the admission by former World Jewish Congress leader Shai Franklin that “Yes, there is a Jewish lobby,” was very useful. Franklin’s article, the Saturday Night Live sketch, even the bizarre episode of the Jewish media desperately trying to smear Hagel with an association to an imaginary group call “Friends of Hamas” are extremely valuable tools that we can use to open people eyes to the sad reality that the most powerful nation that has ever existed on earth is under the yoke of a small tribal elite.