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The Real Hate Crime!

At left — symbolism of the handicapped White woman who was set on fire by an immigrant mob. She is nameless and faceless. There is no media focus on her, on her grieving family, or the story of how shortsighted immigration policies have led to this tragedy. So she disappears from the view of Europe and the world.

Somehow the Media and Government see no hate crime in the burning of a handicapped White woman by a hate-filled, crazed mob of African immigrants, but portray David Duke (as shown here in Sweden with Klaus Menzel, NPD Deputy in Saxony Parliament) as a “hate criminal” who is guilty of “hate crimes” for trying to prevent such outrages!

The Real Hate Criminals!

Readers! Stop and Consider!

Last Week in the middle of race-driven anti-White riots across Europe, it was world wide news when David Duke was branded a hate criminal by the media for an intellectual, non-violent speech in Sweden warning Europe of the ultimate dangers of massive non-European immigration. A Swedish prosecutor who opposes free speech urged police to open an investigation to see if any of his words could be construed as a racial hate crime. A conviction would lock him up in prison for 5 years on each count. This affront to Free Speech and Free Expression was trumpeted around the world as justice for those who commit “hate crimes.”

Contrast the accusation of a hate crime against David Duke for merely speaking out, non-violently and not hatefully, as compared to the burning alive of a handicapped White woman by a crazed Black mob!

Quoted from the Associated Press…

A savage assault on a bus passenger highlighted the dangers of travel in Paris’ Muslim-filled and impoverished outlying neighborhoods, where the violence has entered its second week. The African immigrant attackers doused the woman, in her 50s and on crutches, with an inflammable liquid and set her afire as she tried to get off a bus in the suburb of Sevran Wednesday, judicial officials said. The bus had been forced to stop because of burning objects in its path. She was rescued by the driver and hospitalized with severe burns.

A middle-aged, handicapped White women is purposefully doused with gasoline and set on fire by an African immigrant mob in a supreme act of unimaginable brutality. Has there been even one French or international article charging and condemning these savages with “racial hatred” and “hate crimes?” Has there been a single government official who has spoken out against the race hate of this brutal, vicious act and the race-driven violence raging on against White people all over France? If the victim would have been a Black crippled woman set on fire at the hands of White racists — imagine the outrage by the media and politicians.

Would you not have seen pictures of the poor Black woman, heard from her grieving and shocked loved ones, sons, daughters, family members? Don’t you think there would be a huge nationwide manhunt for the suspects involved with their pictures plastered all over the print and TV news as hate criminals that must be brought to justice??

But you see no photos and hear from none of the relatives of this suffering woman. You are not even allowed to know her name! Why? Because if you see photos of her with her family and friends, or if you hear interviews of grief from her loved ones, she and her victimization become more real and more personal. You may well realize that she could just as easily have been your own mother, or wife, or sister!

My God, can you not see how they are programming us? How they are leading us in Europe and America and around the European world to utter disaster?

David Duke is branded a terrible “hate criminal” for non-violently and courageously warning us of exactly what was to soon transpire in France.

A Black, race-hate filled mob sets fire to a handicapped White woman and not a single person in the establishment press or government calls this heinous act exactly what it is — a racial hate crime.

What does it take to wake you up, European and American brethren?

Does it take your own wife or mother to be burned alive for you to see what’s happening?

Read and find your way once more to your heritage and your freedom!

From the staff of EURO — European American Unity & Rights Organization.