The Office of Global Anti-Semitism's new requirement for philo-Semitic correctness:

US Government Condemns ‘Unintentional’ Anti-Semitism

By Rev. Ted Pike

Are you an unintentional anti-Semite? The US State Department’s “Office of Global Anti-Semitism” warns not just of conscious, intentional anti-Semitism but of another lurking form of potential bigotry: unintentional anti-Semitism. (See, Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism: A Report Provided to the United States Congress, page 4)

According to our government, this consists of criticisms of Israel which, though true, might be manipulated by others to Israel ’s detriment. To avoid assisting Israel ’s enemies, the state department recommends that every comment about Israel (including its leaders and military) first be scrutinized for whether it could put Israel in a bad light. If so, it shouldn’t be said. Only then can we consider ourselves both consciously and unconsciously free from anti-Semitism.

What if you defy the government and go ahead and speak truthful criticisms of Israel, knowing that Israel’s detractors will probably use it against her? According the Office of Global Anti-Semitism, one who assists anti-semites is an anti-semite.

The state department needn’t lecture evangelical Christians against possibly assisting Israel ‘s enemies. At least a century ago, evangelical leaders anticipated the state department’s warning. Today, evangelicals reflexively honor the code that, no matter how true an unflattering fact or opinion about Jews may be, it will not be repeated. As a result of a century of self-censorship, tens of millions of evangelicals live in a virtual iron curtain of exclusion of truth about Jews, Judaism and Israel . Taught to see, hear, and speak no evil of Israel , they subsist on a religious and political diet of Zionist-approved pablum. The magnitude of truth that has never been allowed to reach them is encyclopedic.

Are Evangelicals Anti-Semitic?
Evangelicals think that, by only speaking well of Jews, they are beyond the reproach of ever being labeled anti-Semitic. Wrong. The state department says that if Christians believe the New Testament account that Jewish leaders had Christ crucified they are the very worst kind of anti-Semites: “classical” anti-Semites. That’s what Hitler was (See, Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism: A Report Provided to the United States Congress, page 5).

To please both Jews and the government, evangelicals must now fulfill two criteria: Never say true but unflattering things about Israel and abandon belief in the New Testament.

Will evangelicals accommodate the state department’s new requirement of philo-Semitic correctness? Countless followers of John Hagee already do. They agree with his book “In Defense of Israel” that the New Testament testimony that Jews killed Christ is an anti-Semitic lie that birthed the Holocaust.

Yet an increasing number of Americans are no longer content to be insulated from truth. Many visiting truthtellers.org are rediscovering an enormous reality: We don’t have to fear the whole truth concerning Jews or anything else. Truth can be trusted entirely. Truth doesn’t beget error and evil; rather, it bears the good fruit of knowledge, wisdom, moderation, and guidance in a darkened, confused world.

Because statements of truth affirm reality, they are akin to God Himself, the ultimate Reality. Jesus said, “Thy Word is truth.” (John 17:17)

People who don’t love reality hold back part of the truth. They consider too much truth to be potentially dangerous. Evangelical leaders believe they protect Jews from possible persecution by censoring truth about Jewish supremacism and creation of Christian-persecuting hate laws. In reality, protection of Jewish anti-Christian activists empowers them to flourish and expand their corruption of society. This in turn only increases criticism and resentment of all Jews—most of whom are innocent of such evil. Many bitterly resent the Anti-Defamation League, architect of hate laws, for the bad reputation it gives the Jewish people!

The “Israel-first” church should not fear truth about the Jews; rather, it should fear the mounting juggernaut of Jewish anti-Christianity. This is a force that Rabbi Daniel Lapin says is “now in relentless attack on evangelical Christians.” (See, Rabbi Lapin: Christians Under ‘Relentless Attack’ by ‘Secular Judaism’)

In order to hold back this threat, the truth must be allowed to flourish in the full light of day. For evangelical leaders and media to continue to parse the truth to the people only distorts reality. Evil flourishes amidst such distortion.

Half-truths are Actually Lies
But evangelical leaders may reply: “Surely telling half the truth about a sensitive subject is better than telling no truth.” Not so. When a respected leader tells half the truth, he inoculates his followers against the whole truth. They are satisfied they have found the truth and no longer search for it.

Also, they become misdirected in their opposition to evil. For example, evangelical leaders say, “The liberal media is behind the corruption of America.” This half-truth directs their followers to oppose liberalism, an ideology so pervasive and amorphous that it’s almost impossible to effectively combat. However, if a leader tells the whole truth, that big media corrupting America is primarily Jewish, then defenders of freedom are immediately directed against a racial-religious group of conspirators. These shadowy ogres don’t want us to reflect unfavorably on the fact that they, as Jews, are corrupting America .  Such scrutiny puts Judaism in a bad light. It could prompt both Christians and Jews to pressure them to desist.  That would mean an end to their efforts to corrupt Christian civilization in order that a Judaic one-world order, presided over by their false messiah, Anti-Christ, might be established.

Here we see the radically different consequences of telling a half-truth versus a whole truth. Half-truths lead to misdirection and dissipation of Christian activism.  The whole truth leads to effective resistance and restoration of society. Consequences this different and profound could mean the difference between saving America and losing her. Not telling the whole truth is thus worse than a misrepresentation; it is a lie. Lies distort reality, creating false premises which lead to misguided actions and disastrous results—confusion.

Such confusion is where John Hagee and tens of millions of evangelicals are. It’s where our Zionist-directed Mideast foreign policy is. It’s where countless Americans, sitting before their TV sets, are: depending on Jewish media to orient and instruct them about the very greatest moral and national issues America has ever faced.

Any religion, civilization or government that depends on filtered information will lose its way. As long as America allows Jewish media to guide us, we will only find ourselves repeatedly foundering in national dilemmas and foreign entanglements. Despite our most fervent efforts to find relief and safety, we will remain perpetually, inextricably lost.

Hope in the Grassroots?
Will evangelical leaders continue to perpetuate lies about Judaism, even as Jewish activism undermines their ministries? Because of their enormous vested commitment to Zionism, the answer is almost certainly yes. After all, they have to please their pro-Zionist supporters to survive. Such leaders do not really lead the people; the power of the pursestring of their constituents leads them.

On the other hand, an encouraging trend is quietly developing: apart from ADL, www.truthtellers.org dominates “hate laws” at Google. With WorldNetDaily almost constantly exposing hate law abuses to its 7 million Christian/conservative readers, many thousands of evangelical Christians, googling hate laws, rebound to truthtellers.org each month. There, they find not only the world’s most complete information on hate laws but a Biblically balanced perspective on Israel that is evangelical-friendly. Truthtellers.org teaches that God still has a wonderful destiny for a remnant of repentant Jews at Christ’s return.  We also teach that it is not anti-Semitic to rebuke evil Jewish leaders. Christ and the prophets did it all the time.

At Truthtellers, we receive frequent appreciation and encouragement from evangelicals with virtually no criticism. In fact, we have encountered no intelligent, systematic, and even-handed criticism since the founding of the National Prayer Network in 1981.

Many of these evangelicals, finding “Ted Pike” on Google, undoubtedly link to my video The Other Israel at video.google.com where it has now been viewed more than 110,000 times.

Perhaps, with such truth flooding into evangelicalism from the internet, it is not evangelical leaders who will save America from the top but independent-thinking Christians from the bottom. There is evidence of an ever-increasing number of evangelicals in the grassroots who want to do just that.

What can we do right now?

Pray for America and spread the whole truth! Where the people lead, the “leaders” will follow.

June 17th, 2008

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

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