The Lies of Globalism

By David Duke. Today, I speak about the genocidal effects of globalism as well as its inherent contradictions.

As all of us know, the world is getting smaller. Incredible advancements in transportation and communication make it so. Many national corporations that once had minor branches overseas have now become truly international, and their own loyalties have gone beyond their own national origins. Profit is their one flag, their one loyalty. It flies above nation, culture, race, morality, health, concerns over the environment, anything. These global concentrations of enormous wealth have become a juggernaut, amassing huge power and weight like a snowball turning into an avalanche. Interwoven with their enterprises, the globalists dominate the media, which, of course, has also become truly international. With it they control the democracies, where the sheeple cannot distinguish between a free press and a controlled one.

Many, in fact, labor under the impression we have a free press in America. Ha! That is the looniest notion imaginable here in the first fledgling years of the 21st century. Yes, we are free in America to publish a pamphlet or house newspaper, maybe even put a few controversial flyers out on the street; even though in many communities, if the pamphlet is politically incorrect you are liable to be hassled by the police and the local authorities. Many communities for instance have laws that you cannot leave literature at people’s doorsteps or put them on automobiles. Of course, you cannot distribute them at shopping centers, that are private property, and the United Colors of Benetton might get angry and have you arrested if you persist.

Of course, leaflets or small circulation newspapers have never been really dangerous to any power structure, at least not since they were state of the art communication devices, like during the time of the American Revolution. Now if a major media chain or even a daily newspaper or local TV station gets out of step, that can be problem to the globalists, but they have that so well under control it is amazing. The newspapers, the news magazines, the TV stations and networks are so much in lockstep it is incredible. In many European major cities, the control is not as extensive as that in the United States.

For instance in many European cities, and I can give Paris as an example, among the many daily newspapers, one can find more than one that basically sides with the Palestinians rather than the Israelis; the same is true in Rome. In America, there are none. That’s right, out of over 2000 dailies, not a single newspaper in America takes more the Palestinian view of the conflict rather than the Israeli view. Oh yes, there are a few papers that will sometimes disagree with the Israeli government on a particular point, just as there is even some Jewish opposition in Israel that will do the same thing; but on the fundamentals, every American paper, Jewish-owned or not, is quite supportive of Israel no matter what atrocity, what murder and mayhem, or what human rights they blatantly violate.

In my last broadcast, I mentioned an article that appeared in Jewish newspapers (for Jewish consumption) that stated 17 out of 19 members of the Israeli Cabinet support a law that prohibits Palestinians from buying land in Jewish areas of Israel or even living in apartment buildings with Jews! That’s right, you heard me correctly. How would the American press scream, if any governor in the United States and his cabinet supported a law to forbid African-Americans from living in all-White apartment buildings! Of course, Israeli schools are already rigidly segregated. But, where is the outcry in the pro-Israeli media in America? Remember the unanimous outcry in the American press against Apartheid in South Africa? For some reason there is no outcry at all in the American press about the Apartheid in Israel. Why? Well why do you think?

The horrible injustice to the Palestinians should be so obvious that I shouldn’t have to even mention it; the mainstream press if it were honest should do that. But, I have to point out to my fellow Americans who have been spoon fed everything by the Jewish supremacists, what should be all too obvious. Israel invaded the West Bank and Gaza 35 years ago. There were almost no Jews living there. Israel put the Palestinian people under a brutal military occupation and denied them all semblance of liberty. Of course, some very brave Palestinians resisted this brutal occupation. America and every country recognize that people have an absolute right to resist foreign military occupation. Over the course of these 35 years Israel has killed thousands. Please listen to me closely. It has killed thousands of men, women and children. It has blinded, maimed, crippled and disfigured tens of thousands, including thousands of children, purposely destroyed thousands of homes, businesses, hospitals, and schools. Incarcerated and tortured, yes, I said tortured, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Americans don’t even know that torture of Palestinians is legal in Israel. And to top it all off, during this period of destruction and murder they have built hundreds of Jewish settlements on the very Palestinian land they occupy. While they destroy Palestinian homes and cities, they bring in Jews from places like New York and Moscow and build homes on settlements in the midst of the sorely oppressed Palestinians.

Don’t hold your breath for a huge protest of these human rights violations by the American press. Read my article on press control, and I can prove to you that Jewish supremacists control the vast majority of the American media.

So enough on the so-called free press. The point here must be that the same media that is in lockstep for Israel is also in lockstep for the New World Order and the Globalism that it represents. For the last few decades of my life I have earnestly tried to inform people that those who are the true forces behind globalism are in actuality, racial supremacists. But, they are not the so-called racial supremacists the media talks about. They are not European, African or Asian supremacists, they are Jewish supremacists. These Jewish supremacists have a master plan that should be obvious for anyone to see. They consistently attempt to undermine the culture, racial identity and solidarity, economy, political independence of every nation in the world, but there is one race they don’t seek to undermine. There is only one exception. There is one nation that is not undermined, and that my friends is the Jewish nation, and by that I meant not just Israel, but the Jewish supremacists around the world who preach their own supremacy among themselves and really think they have some divine right to rule over not only Palestine but over the rest of the world as well.

So let’s talk about the inconsistencies of the globalism now dominating the world. First they say they are for multiculturalism and for diversity. Let me again state the obvious. The reasons we have different cultures, and different races and different national identities is because we have different nations and languages and races. Building a McDonald’s and a coca cola machine on every street corner of the world is not only injurious to the health of the people of the world, it is uniformity, not diversity.

It is unicultural not multicultural. Supporting massive immigration into Western nations is not multicultural; the nations the immigrants come from offer a truly different cultural environment. Melting them into one brown mass does not create diversity; it eventually destroys the indigenous culture of that particular nation. Even more so, it destroys the unique genetic heritage and character of those people and the unique nations that they created. Is it really a good thing for Germans to be outnumbered by Turks in their own nation? Is it good to remake Germany into a land foreign to its own people? Is it good to make whole sections of America into a replica of Mexico? Should The Russian people in the 21st century become dissolved by a massive influx of Asians, a fate Russia diligently avoided for two thousand years?

On the opposite hand, do we really want the Third world to be made into to economic colonies for the New World Order and the new globalism? What will this do to them, to their own cultures, to the well being of the world’s ecology?

Let me get something straight for all of you who believe what the Jewish supremacists say about me. Please wake up. I am not a White supremacist; I certainly believe in the differences between races and nations that are obvious, but I seek no supremacy over anyone; I respect all the people’s and cultures of the world. I say that every people have the right to preserve their heritage, their culture, their own political and economic sovereignty.

And I am not racist or hateful about it. I am not hypocritical about it, because what I want for my own people, the European people, is to have the same rights I support for everyone.

I am entirely consistent. The Jewish supremacists are the inconsistent ones, the hypocrites, the racial supremacists. They and their New World Order seeks to destroy every nation, every, culture, every heritage, every race but their own. They seek a global supremacy over media, economics, and governments. I don’t seek supremacy over other races or nations, but I want Europeans and Americans to maintain our own heritage in our own nations.

I want our children grow to up in a society where they are safe and comfortable, where they can have a society reflecting their own history and their own nature. I don’t want them forbidden to sing a Christmas carol in school because it might offend the increasing numbers of those of different religions; I don’t want them to see George Washington’s name taken off their school because African Americans consider him a racist. I don’t want them to face the ugly reality of racial gang violence that so pervades our major cities. I don’t want them to face discrimination, even if it given the nice sounding name of affirmative action. I don’t want my descendants to go to school and discover they speak the wrong the language, English. And I want the standards of Europe and the standards of America to be the standards of my progeny.

Finally, I don’t want to see the eradication of my people from the earth. Every unique life form has right to live, and so do we! But immigration, miscegenation and low birthrates will destroy us as completely as any traditional genocide.

The diversity that we must preserve is in the world, in nature. The globalists are attempting to make us all listen to the same music; eat the same food, live the same way. They are the enemies of real diversity, and they are the enemies of freedom. The bigger the government the less the freedom. How can people in say Zürich decide what is best for people in Kashmir. Real freedom comes from small government, not from a global one. The most important freedom of all is the right to live, and to live as your fathers did. We must be able to live in the harmony of our own land and our own culture and our own people.

I understand the Jewish people’s desire to preserve their genotype and their culture and their religion; I share that sentiment and endorse that human right. The difference between us is that I support that right for the Jewish people, for all people, for my own people. The Jewish supremacists on the other hand, seek to destroy every other patriotic movement but their own.

This has been David Duke sharing some of my latest thoughts.