Two new studies expand Holocaust, question Jewish link to biblical Hebrews

movahedian20130304053452297By Dr. Patrick Slattery — Our friends in the field of Jewish Studies have released a some interesting research recently. Jewish studies are certainly well funded. In fact, every major university has a Jewish Studies program and there is an ocean of money floating around out there for research into issues of interest to the Jewish supremacists. Consequentially, all findings of this research have to be taken with a grain of salt.
The first study, by the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, finds that there were far more Jews in Europe before World War II than anyone ever dreamed. And of course more Jews means more Holocaust victims! Maybe three times as many as the 6 million figure that is the legally mandated “truth” in many European nations. And more victims means more money extorted by the Holocaust industry: “The team behind the research, based at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, told The Independent that they believe the evidence could also be crucial to survivors trying to bring cases for compensation against Germany and other countries for time spent in camps whose existence was hitherto obscure or undocumented.” Obviously millions of Jews were among the tens of millions of people across Europe and around the world who lost their lives in WWII, and their suffering should not be dismissed. Nor, however, should their suffering be elevated above that of all others and exploited to dispossess the Palestinians.
The second study was by a young Jewish researcher at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore who claims to have genetic evidence that Ashkenazi Jews from Europe have more Khazar ancestry than Semitic ancestry, a finding that runs contrary to previous genetic studies. As interesting as the issue may be, it is really something of a Red Herring. Ashkenazi ancestral connections to Palestine, or lack thereof, have absolutely no bearing on the legality or morality of the Zionist project of ethnically cleansing Palestine. Even if there were clear evidence that the Ashkenazim and other modern-day Jewish people were direct descendants of the biblical Hebrews, it would not give them any right to take over the land any more than Irish Americans have the right to kick the English out of England because 2000 years ago our ancestors ruled all the British Isles. For those with a background in statistical and genetic analysis, the full research paper can be viewed here. A discussion of the implications of the study and the evidence to the contrary can be found here.