The Hateful Face of the Media

Reporter invasion at the EURO conference

The Hateful Face of the Media

Could the deliberate misrepresentations of Whites by the media have something to do with why a gang of five Blacks tortured to death two White college students? Could the constant demonization of Whites, but suppression of their victimization, affect public perceptions and beliefs so strongly that nearly all of the tens of thousands of interracial rape and sexual assault victims in America are White women and their angry perpetrators are Black?

Could these constant malicious endeavors by journalists and the predators who control them have anything to do with why Whites are called “racists” if they speak up for themselves, as well as the extraordinary efforts taken to block First Amendment venues where such words might be shared?

In 1981, when the Polish government declared martial law and overtook the free media, replacing it with their own state-run propaganda, a strange thing happened: the Polish people went out to walk their dogs. This was their silent protest of controlled media. If the Polish refused to watch lies, then why can’t Americans do the same?

There once was a time when journalists put first the interests of public citizens. There once was a time when journalism required adherence to scientific standards of fact verification and independence from faction, including from those of race and ethnicity.

While opinions are allowed in journalism, verifiable facts must come first to protect the public’s interest in being truthfully informed. When it comes to reporting on the political activities of White Nationalists, facts are either manipulated or kicked to the curb, while opinions are shouted. The story of “what happened” doesn’t even make it to air or print.

EURO 2008 is one story that has mostly been fictionalized by mainstream media, drawing out propagandists who hatefully frame Americans of European descent seeking the protection of their rights, freedoms and heritage, as “extremists”, “supremacists” and even “a—holes” (as printed by Memphis Flyer, unsigned by the author). While the first two labels and others like them fall under dishonest acts of reporting, such as sensationalism and libel, the last is clearly malicious intent toward a kind of perverse joy in creating unhappiness, to say the least. In other words, it’s all hate speech.

Let’s begin with “what happened” as told by David Duke on Stormfront Radio, November 12, 2008. He begins:

David Duke at EURO Conference 2008
David Duke at EURO Conference 2008

What happened in this conference…let’s talk about some of the incredible efforts they used to suppress, not just the Marxists who are always there, but also the authorities. The first thing that happened was that the hotel we were scheduled in, the very beautiful, plush hotel, Whispering Woods, in rural Mississippi, by the way is in a very secure location. People couldn’t even demonstrate there if they wanted to because they have such a large expanse of private property; and there had never been any real threat to the hotel. It’s not an urban situation; there wouldn’t have been any threats of riots. But a number of individuals called the hotel; they threatened the manager, they threatened the manager’s life, the life of the manager’s wife, threatened his children. He was so intimidated and so worried about his family that he actually resigned from the hotel.

“Then it went on and then the county, De Soto County, where the hotel is located, they declared a state of emergency. Now this is something that happens during war; it’s a kind of martial law; it’s the next step to martial law; a state of emergency where he said they did this so they could call out additional police and authorities if they had to have additional authorities in this case…

If one searches for stories on this conference in the media the stories created there has little in common with Dr. Duke’s talk about it on Stormfront Radio. Dr. Duke goes on to show how journalists manipulated what the public should have understood about the seriousness of the situation, that is, the undermining of free speech and assembly and the differential treatment on account of race, by not even reporting the facts about the threats at all:

“The next day the media reported this conference [Duke’s press conference delivered Thursday, 11/6/08]. The Commercial Appeal, for instance, reported this press conference as saying, as talking about the problem of Whispering Woods Conference Center, the original meeting site; they characterized it as quote “a flack”, a “controversy” between us, the EURO Convention and the hotel. They didn’t even mention the violent, terroristic threats against the hotel’s manager and his family. They didn’t mention the state of emergency. They didn’t mention the fact the hotel was getting a bomb threat. None of this was mentioned.

“Could you imagine, can anyone listening imagine the media reaction if the NAACP national meeting, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (by the way, that’s pretty racial, isn’t it?), if they were meeting and they had terroristic threats and they were prevented from having their convention, they paid for their rooms or reserved their rooms or made a contract with the hotel, what would the reaction be? I can tell you what the reaction would be—there would be a task force of FBI agents crawling all over Olive Branch, Mississippi and Memphis, trying to prosecute those people who tried to terrorize a Black meeting. That’s a civil rights violation. That is absolutely a criminal violation that has taken place here, and terrorist violations that have taken place here. But we didn’t get any calls from the FBI. They know what’s going on; they are not deaf and dumb. The Olive Branch police department and the sheriff’s department, they said they were in touch with the FBI. I haven’t yet heard from the FBI about that.”

Outside the hotel at EURO
Outside the hotel at EURO

Greg Meriwether, of WAFB News, minimized these multiple threats of terrorism with, “he’s [Duke] not getting a lot of support from the locals just south of Memphis.” At least Meriwether had the fairness to reference EURO as “a white civil rights group” and not the libelous term of “supremacist”, as well as respectfully refraining from calling conference participants names. Fairness in reporting means journalists must work for public citizens, regardless of who signs the paycheck.

According to WJTV, Duke met with reporters to “complain” that the hotel canceled the conference, with no mention of the threats of terrorism received by the former manager and the hotel.

Who hates whom? Fairness in journalism pertains to fairness to facts and to a citizen’s understanding of those same statements. The conference itself was repeatedly maligned as a “White power” meeting (as posted by Chris Davis of Memphis Flyer in his entirely sarcastic non-report article), though that term was never used nor intended by Dr. Duke or any of the participants. What happened at the conference was more about empowerment, not power over.

Nearly all of the mainstream media articles ridicule Dr. Duke as a “former klansman”, “grand wizard”, or “former KKK”, none of which he has been for 30 years, a clear intention by the media to induce an ill opinion of him and his civil rights activities since that time. Journalists have long prevented the occurrence of fair public discussions of racism, racial issues, and even interracial crimes as experienced by Whites. Dr. Duke and the EURO conferees seek to get that discussion on the table, but are shouted down as “haters” and “bigots”. Extraordinary efforts have been taken to deny First Amendment rights of speech, assembly and redress of grievance, which affect not only White people, but all Americans.

Don Black describes those extraordinary measures taken by the officials of Olive Branch when they passed a law against free assembly on November 7, 2008, the day the EURO conference was supposed to begin:

Don Black
Don Black

“Despite all obstacles, the show went on. The local authorities did everything they could to try to stop us, and they were unsuccessful; including extra-constitutional methods such as attempting to ban all assemblies, all assemblies of three or more people, which is clearly a violation of the U. S. Constitution; and the rational was that our opposition had threatened the hotel and its employees. So, apparently by this kind of logic, then, anyone who wants to shut down freedom of speech in America simply has to make an illegal threat, and the authorities will declare a state of emergency and then later even ban all assemblies—a family gathering—without a permit.”

So-called “human rights” organizations get into the act of promoting hatred against Whites along with media by using similar deceptive practices and obvious hate speech designed to manipulate the public away from honest discussions about race and racism.

For example, the Jewish supremacist organization, Anti Defamation League (ADL), whose stated purpose is “To stop the defamation of the Jewish people” (seemingly at the expense of non-Jewish people, especially those of European descent), used the word “supremacist” six times in their short article about the EURO conference, maligning White civil rights activists who have repeatedly eschewed supremacism altogether. The article also injuriously defames conference participants as “extremists”; yet, had the conferees all been Black, and the word “White” was exchanged for “Black” regarding a group that also rejects violence, this article would never have been conceived. Is this not racial prejudice?

The Mid-South Peace and Justice Center seems to be complicit in the death and bomb threats received by the former manager of Whispering Woods and the hotel. This organization distributed the email and phone contacts of the former manager, leading to his being subjected to threats of violence. He even got threatening calls at home. Jacob Flowers, the director of this agency, which states its commitment to “nonviolence”, should hand over his email list to the FBI for investigation. Perhaps it’s time the hypocrites at the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center remove the causes of violence from their list of activities.

As for the rest of us, perhaps it’s time to go walk the dog.

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