“The Gentiles Won’t Understand”: Zionist Supremacist Explains Seizure of Palestinian Land

“The Gentiles won’t understand” is how Hagai M Segal, well-known Jewish Supremacist and lecturer in modern Near and Middle-Eastern Politics at New York University in London, has explained the excusing of the seizure of Palestinian land to Jewish readers of the Israeli Ynet news service.

Segal, who is a regular guest on numerous national and international TV channels (including CNN, BBC News 24, BBC World, Sky News and CNBC Europe), and numerous national and international radio stations, wrote in an opinion piece in the Israeli news service titled “Goodbye, occupation myth” that a “committee headed by Judge Edmund Levy and comprising senior jurists went out on a limb by asserting that Israel is not an occupying power in Judea and Samaria; rather, it is the rightful owner.”

Segal goes on to say that the “gentiles won’t understand how the Levy Committee’s findings fit with all the Israeli rhetoric of the past decade, ranging from former PM Sharon’s Latrun speech to current PM Netanyahu’s Bar-Ilan speech.

“They will view the findings as a fraudulent trick aimed at allowing us to evade the moral duty of granting a state to the real owners of the land. In their view, this has been Arab territory for ages,” he writes.

Segal, who pretends to be an objective “observer expert” to the media, showed however his tribal allegiance in the Ynet article, saying that while it might be difficult to explain to the Gentiles, “so what?”

He goes on to blame the “chatter” of “occupation” on the “peace camp” in Israel, who, he falsely claims, first made popular the idea that there was an “occupation.”

“The Levy Committee shattered this false display. It reminded us that in purely legal terms as well, Israel did not occupy an inch in Judea and Samaria. This is a region that less than 100 years ago was promised to us but the most prominent international forum at the time (The San Remo conference.) A Palestinian state never existed there. The Jordanians annexed it violently in 1950, with almost nobody recognizing this takeover.

“Hence, at worse, the region now faces a certain legal vacuum. Given our historic rights, there is no moral reason to prevent us from filling this void,” the Jewish Supremacist claimed.

“The occupation chatter only started to develop with the passage of years, when the demographic threat failed to uproot Kiryat Arba and its environs. In a historic perspective, this chatter is a relatively fresh matter. Should Benjamin Netanyahu quickly adopt the Levy Committee’s conclusions, he would be able to turn back the wheel. His English is good enough to convince the gentiles too.”

This sort of attitude is increasingly common amongst Israel’s most fervent supporters: that the Palestinians did not exist, and that there is no such thing as a Palestinian homeland, merely an “empty space” which Jews have the moral right to claim as theirs.

It is Jewish Supremacism at its most blatant, and is a microcosm of what they are doing to the rest of the world as well.