The Eternal Hatred: Jewish Supremacist Makes Blood Libel against Europeans

Europeans have always been anti-Semitic “because it is in their DNA,” the European Jewish Union CEO Tomer Orni, told a recent conference in Brussels, the European Jewish Press has reported.

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Speaking at the conference, titled European Integration and its impact on anti-Semitism,’ held last month in the EU headquarters, Orni said that “Jews in Europe have always experienced anti-Semitism” and that “anti-Semitism is part of Europe’s DNA. It is rooted in Europe and there were always different sources of motivations for anti-Semitism.”

This outburst is perfectly in line with Jewish Supremacist thinking which continually pits Jews against non-Jews—this Jewish hostility being the prime cause of anti-Semitism, not, as they claim, the other way round.

The conference also revealed a number of other insights into Jewish Supremacist thinking. The incoming Israeli Ambassador to the European Union, David Walzer, asked, “to rousing applause from the crowd,” why it was “ok for so many countries to define themselves as Christian but not for Israel to define itself as a State for the Jews?”

In reality, of course, Jewish extremists are the first to lobby against any nation expressing itself to be Christian, as the long record of Jewish Supremacist legal challenges against any public vestiges of Christianity in the U.S. show so clearly.

In a typical inversion of the truth, Walzer has perverted the argument completely: in fact, Jewish lobbies the world over agitate tirelessly against any form of ethno-nationalism by anybody—except when it comes to Jews and Israel, where they automatically support it.

Claude Moniquet, CEO of the European Strategic Intelligence & Security Centre (ESISC) also told the conference that it was “naive” to say Communism was not synonymous with anti-Semitism.

“Communism was imposed by the outside” on Soviet states, he added, and since many of the original Russian communists were Jewish, they were vilified by Soviet nationalists,” Moniquet said, stating facts which, if said by anyone else, would be attacked as “anti-Semitism.”