Human Diversity

The Dark Side of Diversity

The Dark Side of Diversity

By Rep. David Duke, PhD

This photo and article was sent by my friends in Sweden. It shows a picture of a rape victim named Linda. She became one of the many Swedish recipients of multicultural enrichment at the hands of immigrants.

In Sweden, a nation with a 10 percent non-European population, 80 percent of the rapes and practically 100 percent of gang rapes are committed by non-Europeans. Sweden has undergone a radical increase in non-Whites over just the last 20 years. With that demographic change, robbery, rape and murder have increased many fold. Gang rape, a crime unknown in Sweden 20 years ago is now commonplace.

This vicious attack took place against two girls by a group of African immigrants. It happened in Gothenburg where I spoke earlier in the year. The two girls were on their way to a party and needed some directions. Thoroughly indoctrinated by the media to have no “racist” fears of Blacks they agreed to accompany them when they told the girls they knew the way. Instead of leading them to the party, they kidnapped and separated them, and savagely beat them. One girl was raped while the other badly injured girl feigned death and avoided rape.

Prodded by politically correct interviewers on TV, shortly after the attacks the girls agreed that the fact the attackers “happened to be black” had “nothing” to do with the incident. Fact is of course, this vicious attack and the plague of brutalities across the one-time most crime free nation on earth, would not be taking place for the insane immigration policies of the Swedish government and the media that pushes it.

Nine months after the attacks the police finally apprehended one of the perpetrators. The print media of Sweden had suppressed pictures of him and described him as “Finnish” because this African assailant had a Finnish passport.

In every country of the European-American world there is no disputing the fact that massive immigration has led to the victimization of great numbers of innocent people. Whether one talks about Sweden, France, Canada, Britain or the USA, no one can deny this fact of life. It is part of an unfolding, accelerating tragedy besetting our people. It is the dark side of diversity that the media hides from the people.

Strange, isn’t it? We who don’t want our people to be brutalized, raped and murdered, who don’t want our nations transformed to Third World-like conditions, who don’t want to lose our heritage and our culture as a result of immigration – we are called hateful and cruel. At the same time, those who bring about this brutality upon us, such as what happened to Linda, are called purveyors of human love and kindness.

In my mind Sweden, and for that matter the rest of Europe, had a lot more love and kindness before the “blessings of diversity.”