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The 20 schoolkids at Sandy Hook: Murdered by Hollywood, Not Guns!

Charlotte Bacon, six years old, one of the 20 children murdered at Sandy Hook.

Commentary by Dr. David Duke — The headline reads: “Twenty-six massacred at Elementary School, 20 of them children.”

Politicians such a President Obama and the mass media immediately blamed guns for the horrific shootings in Sandy Hook, Connecticut , a mass murder similar to the murderous attack at a Batman movie premier in Aurora, Colorado.

The controlled media demands  more gun control laws.

But, did guns cause these massacres? Do guns pull their own triggers?

The truth is that guns are inanimate objects.

Could it be that the same sick conglomerates now blaming guns for the murders are actually the driving force behind the carnage. Let’s take a close look.

It is an old saying, but so true:  “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” And the question should be, “Why are mass killings and all kinds of the sickest human horrors e happening at an increasing rate.

Let me tell you a little story from my own childhood that can illustrate that the availability of guns is not at the root of the problem. The real problem is that the traditional American mentality has been devoured by a mentality completely alien to America and the American people.

In 1962,  Like millions of other typical American boys my father gave me a 22 rifle when I turned 12 years old. He carefully taught me how to use it safely so as not to endanger myself or anyone else, taught me that it wasn’t a toy, that owning a gun was the right of any free man but that a man had responsibility a to treat it with soberness and respect.

A couple of years later I took some small birthday money from my Grandfather bought a small, 22 pistol that I shot, cleaned and meticulously cared for as one of my most prized possessions in that far away time.

When I say I bought it, I bought it by myself at a local gun shop. I couldn’t buy a beer at fourteen years old, but I could easily buy a gun.

I showed no ID, there was no gun registration of any kind. I remember the owner of the shop saying to me, “Congratulations son,  it is fine work of craftsmanship.”

I could have bought a M1 assault rifle had I wanted.

I could even have bought an assault rifle anonymously by mail had I desired to do so and millions of Americans did exactly that.

Obviously, I didn’t take my guns to school and start shooting people, for I was a typical all American boy in a much different America. Shooting people at my school would have been as repulsive to me as putting on lipstick!

All of my friends had guns, most of them where young hunters and patriots who associated guns with the American icons such as Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone and Teddy Roosevelt.

With all those guns around in almost 200 years of American history, no gun control laws at all, nobody went into school rooms and started blasting away at innocent children and teachers.

Of the ten worst mass random killings in the entire history of the United States, all 10 occurred since the Second World War.

One occurred in the 40s, one in the 60s, two in the 80’s, and an astounding six more just since the nineties.

When I was in grade school, American mentality was far different than today. It wasn’t only the lack of these crazy shootings. From the second grade onward, I walked six city blocks to school and my parents never worried. Kidnappings and the epidemic of crimes against children were extremely rare.  If my mother lost sight of me in a store, she didn’t panic. My friends and I never had to even lock our bicycles. Can you young people reading this even conceive of that? The only dope I knew about was that crazy guy down the street.

It was different time. You could get on a bus and the driver would make change. You could pump your gas before paying for it.

What changed?

Did guns become more freely available?

Did guns suddenly decide to go on rampages and pull their own triggers and massacre people?

If anything, guns are now far more restricted now than they were then.  One thing had dramatically changed and it wasn’t the presence or access to guns.

The Second World War saw the fiery destruction many of the most beautiful cities of Europe, the burning alive of hundreds of thousands of mothers and their children in a war meant to destroy the biggest enemy of the Zio supremacists.

After their total victory, they moved quickly to consolidate their hold on Palestine, and to achieve complete domination of the American media. They rapidly displaced the American elite and took over the leading academic institutions of America such as the traditional European and Christian Ivy League Universities.

They gradually grew powerful enough to dominate the political  structure of America, as well as reign with absolute supremacy over the FED and they led the most powerful predator banks on Earth, such as Goldman Sachs.

After the Zio forces repulsed the last ditch effort in the U.S. Congress to prevent the takeover of the media by these mostly Marxist, Jewish tribalists, the Zio tribe consolidated their domination of the media and Hollywood. They made sure that government could no longer threaten their supremacy, and became the leading financiers of every major candidate.

Finally, unrestrained, they began to use their media control to lay waste to the people and nation they would subjugate. There power in media became so overwhelming that they were even able to hide and suppress the fact that they had absolute supremacy over the American media. Any mention of this fact would lead to social exile. Their hatred and malevolence toward western values and Western people knew no bounds.

The tribalists invented and ran modern pornography as their mainstream media defended it. Icons such as the Zio media popularized Sigmund Freud and his minions actually pronounced that porn was actually healthy, it would help you lose those pesky inhibitions.

But their real motivations were not so benevolent.  As Jewish professor Nathan Abrams boasts in the Jewish quarterly, Jews were the Walt Disneys’ of porn and Abrams says that they are motivated by quote “an atavistic hatred” for the Gentile community. He quotes them saying they promote porn in part in order to defiling the Christian European community they so hate. You can’t get any clearer than that.

But if they found satisfaction in sickening and defiling young Gentiles with porn, what other human depravities would they promote. Answer: degeneracy and sickness of which many Christians could not even conceive.

With unbridled control of the film, music and entertainment industry they began to promote every kind of unhealthy, immoral and destructive behavior. And their own Zio critics told us how wonderful the new morality would be for America, so much better, so much more humane and peaceful than that old America run by the Christian White men.

They began to promote drug use as fashionable and cool. Hundreds of millions of lives all over the world have been ended or ruined by that message.

They promote alcohol use and abuse, even binge drinking as the way to popularity and fun. Hundreds of millions have paid a price for that media programming in violence, auto accidents, lost health, destroyed careers and destroyed families and marriages.

They promoted sex not as a beautiful expression of love and family, but simply something to enjoy without any responsibility to your partner, your well-being your health. They promoted every kind of perversion and ushered in an age of sexual disease epidemics that resulted in sickness, infertility and even the death of millions, such as the enabling of the spreading of the AIDS virus.

And of course they promoted violence. They knew that most people would be  fascinated by the hitherto forbidden scenes of blood and gore that they could put up on the big screen. Rivers of gushing blood in living Technicolor. Since they now controlled the government censors and standards that once would have forbidden it, they then began to drench the big screens and the little screens of America with blood, gore, perversions, psychotic behavior, and even forms of torture, sadism and masochism.

Thousands of cop and spy shows told Americans that if you saw someone as evil, you did not have to treat him as a human being. you could torture him, do anything to him because he deserved it. The end always justified the means.

A reversal of centuries of progress in Western Law and values of justice. The Geneva Convention was created by Europeans motivated by genuine concern for human rights and to lessen human suffering. But under the Zio globalists it has became like outdated flotsam in the new world of rendition, of Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and drone attacks. Drone attacks have killed thousands of innocent victims, but according to our media and President, nothing to get overly concerned about.

While Ziobama cries crocodile tears over the children murdered in Sandy Hook, he continues to order drone attacks. Ziobama has killed more children than Lanza could only fantasize about, yet we honor him and respect him, and then we wonder why the Lanzas of this world do what they do.

The message is clear, if you hate something or someone enough, go ahead, waterboard them, sodomize them, blow to bits their family, their friends, no matter how innocents are around them. Didn’t the controlled media and Ziobama justify the Zio carnage against Children in Gaza.

Horror movies became just that, not the horror of suspense of whether of the innocent would escape, but the centerpiece of the films was the blood itself, the gore, the horrific shrieks of the innocent damsel as the skin is stripped from her flesh and other unspeakable acts. Often the Zio studios today put the audience behind the eyes of a perverted psychopath, trying to excite the viewer with new sensations of sadism.

Now Ziowood even embraces a whole new film genre called torture porn, pioneered and promoted by none other than Eli Roth, who calls himself a proud Jewish Zionist. He gets the red carpet treatment while he excites the perverts to a fever pitch.

How many murders has the average twenty year old seen if he watches the American average of 5 hours a night of TV, the answer: thousands.

In the Sandy Hook school murder of 20 school children, it was pointed out how the killer had no empathy with the beautiful little children he calmly shot to death. He probably saw thousands of murders in living color before he too became a murderer.

How many millions of young people have watched the persuasive porn today often associated with sadism or brutality or masochism or some other sick association that will be imprinted upon them as long as live.

In the latest movie Django, the Weinstein Bros. Studio, promotes blood and gore to the hilt.  Of course, the Ziowood films always present murder and mayhem as justified if you think you have been wronged enough. And how many people in America think they been wronged.

The hero of the film, a character named Django, says, “Kill White people and get paid for it, what’s not to like.” Nobody in the Zio media would even condemn this horrifically hateful, racist expletive from a portrayed hero the movie teaches the viewer to admire.

Imagine a film in which a White man finds his wife was raped and beaten by Black predators, ( not a rare happening in modern America) and then he hunts down Blacks!  The White man is portrayed as a courageous and cool hero who exclaims, “Kill Black people and get paid for it, what is not to like.”

What would be the response by the media to that film? Do I have to ask?

Of course, it all makes sense, when you remember,  just like the producers of the Jewish porn, the zio tribalists hate the European people, Christianity and the values of the West with all their malevolent hearts. And if they can instill hatred in other people against Europeans,  it makes their task of divide and conquer that much easier.

After the shootings in Sandy Hook, afraid of a negative reaction, the Weinstein Bros. cancelled the premier. But the movie will go on and will bring the world a plethora of violence and blood to brighten up the Christmas Season.

The same Weinstein Bros. also made the film Inglorious Basterds. It portrays a troop of Jews with a Gentile icon Brad Pitt, as heroes who torture and kill captured, ordinary German soldiers on the battlefield of the Second World War.

The film portrays torture as cool, funny and imminently enjoyable. Cold bloodied murder and horrific war crimes are cool. Brad Pitt and Eli Roth icons do it, so shouldn’t you want to!

Imagine the effect on this movie and so many other films like it on the Jews of Israel in their dealings with the Palestinians, or for that matter, millions of young men who see such films who someday fight in the theater of war.

Is it any wonder why young, Hollywood conditioned Americans sodomized and tortured and murdered the helpless at Abu Ghraib.

The evils perpetrated Abu Ghraib are now being perpetrated in America. Americans commits these kinds of atrocities now against each other just as Zio conditioning has led them to do it against others. The same horrors have also come to Europe, and they literally have infected the whole world, wherever the media reaches its tentacles of human depravity.

In Norway, the Zionists even infected and twisted the mind a Norwegian to kill dozens of the children of his own people at a summer camp.

ZioWood and the worldwide Zio Media Conglomerates destroy far more lives than even their insane wars for Israel.

Perhaps some of you don’t like my characterization of media as quote, “Zio media” or “ZioWood.”

The Jewish organization, the ADL, trumpeted that only 22 percent of Americans now believe Hollywood is pretty much run by Jews.

Jewish Columnist Joel Stein in the Los Angeles Times writes the following:

Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

And Stein then gives the irrefutable facts of almost total Jewish control of Hollywood. In fact he boasts of what I have said repeatedly, the Jewish control of Media, Finance, and Government.

But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.

Read the whole article, How Jewish is Hollywood.  He documents practically a total Jewish supremacy in Hollywood.  Study it.

If they are not responsible for the evils of Hollywood. Then pray tell, who is.

Open your eyes and awaken to the greatest threat to America and to all of mankind. Zio tribalism is not just a mortal threat to Palestinians, it is mortal threat to the whole world.

The sickness of Zio hate and supremacism reaches down into your own family, it actually reaches down into our own mentality and tries to exploit the greatest weaknesses in all of us. It reaches the members of your own family. It reached down into Sandy Hook, Connecticut and bathed in blood 20 little children and 6 adults. This bloody and psychotic hand reaches into a million cities and towns and villages all over the world and causes enormous human suffering.

It has murdered the America of our fathers and mothers, the America I grew up in.

Lead bullets are not murderers. The real murderers are not the bullets, but the Bullies of the Zio Media. They have fired the deadly and destructive bullets of human depravity into our hearts and brains. The psychological bullets that today drive the world to increasing madness and inhumanity.

Jewish film critic Neal Gabler in the documentary Hollywoodism says all that needs to be said.

“They created their own America, an America which is not the real America…But ultimately this shadow America becomes so popular and so widely disseminated that its images and its values come to devour the real America. And so the grand irony of all of Hollywood — is that Americans come to define themselves by the shadow of America that was created by the Eastern European Jewish immigrants who weren’t permitted in the precincts of the real America.”

Of course, it is not just America under this Zio mentality, Zio media infects the world

Guns did not create the horror in that little school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

The Zio masters of the media did. They have devoured the real America. The masters of the media continue to take us down the path of human depravity, not just in the insane Zio Wars around the world, but their insane mentality with which they drench the world.

But, more and more of us are awakening.

The time will come when we shall overthrow the Zionist Matrix of Power.

Until that time arrives, turn off your television.

Stop going to their movies.

Stop feeding the monster.

If you want your kids to see movies, let them see the old movies, not the fake image of today’s America but the real America.

Inform yourself, cleanse yourself, empower yourself, learn the truth.

Teach your children the truth.

Change the world.


Watch my expose of the Hollywood and the sick Jewish-extremist media that sickens America and the world!

Hollywood Basterds!